1. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the group PRIMED for CRNE review or if anyone has had any feedback about the group.

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  3. by   Maria128
    Hi ,
    I heard one CRNE review class 's teacher is a Filipino .But I do not known the address ,phone number .Please help me if some one kowns.
    Thank you !
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Please do not post contact details on the forum, if you have 15 or more posts please use the pm system
  5. by   petethecanuck
    The head instructors are two NP's from BC.

    I sat in on an online review session last week put on by Primed. It was very informative and have heard the review seminar while intense (16 hrs/2 days), is thorough and seems to get good results.

    A friend lent me their PRIMED seminar workbook. It's divided into major sections (Community, Geri, Peds, Cardio, Resp, GI, GU etc) and has some good info. There are may review questions and they go over the rationales as well.

    Just a FYI. You should have a good grasp of the information BEFORE doing this seminar. It is not meant to teach you things for the first time.

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  6. by   Fiona59
    You know what hits me as strange about all these "review courses"?

    I wrote my exam in 2000. Fresh out of College, no review courses existed then. My entire class passed on first writing.

    Has the educational system changed that much in less than two decades?
  7. by   DalNursie
    In university we spend most of our time writing long papers that enable us to write good papers and to help us understand our feelings or the feelings that they want us to pretend we have. The ciriculum is set up in such a way that we have to cram information without practicing it and forget it by the time we get a chance to go into clinical. The professors assign us more readings than we would ever realistically get through, so its the students being cut short in the end. Maybe some would disagree with me, but that was my experience.