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  1. Maria128

    CPR course

    where has CPR trainning? whaere is cheaper. I need to renew my CPR. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I did my exam days ago.I checked "quick result","pass" status. means I passed ? thank you
  3. Maria128

    Failed nclex twice

    i am sorry hear anout it.if you like ,we can study together Nclex RN exam together . We encourage each other. Thank you Sopie
  4. Maria128

    Passed NCLEX with 77 questions!

    What 's mean "The exam itself was very difficult, mostly select all apply questions"? Thank you
  5. Maria128

    She will be taking the exam again the second time

    what's FB?
  6. Maria128

    Failed Nclex RN twice

    Hello everyone, I failed twice Nclex-RN exam twice.I am international nurse and I study extremly hard.I failed 265 questions Dec last year ,I failed 75 questions 2days ago.I thought second time I got better but opposite. I studied uworld and others.I focus u world, but I dont know what 's wrong. I really disppointed ,I feel no way to pass the exam.So, I cried a lot. could you give me some suggestion? Thanks a lot
  7. Maria128

    who take Nclex RN exam in May?

    Hi everyone, I will take Nclex RN exam in May .I am studying by myself. Who take Nclex RN exam in may?Can we discuss on it? everything in my mind ,I hope can get some to talk aout the knowledge,critical thinking etc.... If some one intreated in ,please reply me. Thank you God bless
  8. Maria128

    Passed NCLEX RN 2017 with LOW Kaplan scores!

    Hello , Thank you for your experience. How to get kaplan ? thank you
  9. Maria128

    2nd try failed @265 questions. Any advise?

    I can give me some materials.if you like it,please reply me. Uworld not enough for the exam.I am honest. Thank you
  10. Maria128

    Nclex April 2017

    Hello.I have some questions you want to practice? Thank you good luck
  11. Maria128

    Failed nclex need help!

    I am international nurse too.We can share some experience. Thank you
  12. Maria128

    How to memorize cranial nerves

    I can help you
  13. Maria128

    Passed at 265

    Trinh, Congrasduations! I failed December 22 last year,I cried a lot in Christmas holiday.The report letter says every contents area near passing standard. How to study ?What materials you use? Thank you Maria
  14. Maria128

    Study Buddy for NCLEX-RN?

    Can I join you group ? thank you
  15. Maria128

    looking for Nclex RN exm study partner

    Hello , Sorry for later reply. I am in Canada.we can use internet for communication. Thank you
  16. Maria128


    I did my nclex Rn Exam Dec,2016,failed.I read the letter from the board,every category "close the standard", what's meaning?Could you explain that? How to get Hurst review? Thank you Maria