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Hi, I am very confused about the process of Credential Verification Service (CVS) for New York State. I graduated from a nursing school in Philippines . But I have neither written the nursing... Read More

  1. by   jenxx
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    Your right kababayan, i applied my cvs ny 2 mos ago, i had a phil lic but already expired, that was my concern before too, but they waived the lic req, right now everything was submitted to CGFNS including the one needed from school, im just waiting for the decision.. Its still "waiting for approval".

    I have a question, does it take time before they gonna approve or submit it to ny ed?

    hi! did u do paper application or online? thanks
  2. by   teletipid
    Quote from jenxx
    hi! did u do paper application or online? thanks
    I did it online
  3. by   jenxx
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    I did it online
    when? can i add u on facebook?
  4. by   Silverdragon102
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    I also got my bsn from the philippines, did you have to directly contact your school for them to send the transcript or would they respond to cgfns request?

    Im pretty sure the philippine schools have a different way of processing things
    Nothing stopping you from giving the school a heads up that the request is coming in
  5. by   chuckito
    Hi everyone,

    i hope i am not bombing on this thread. My query does relate to the main question anyway.

    i have recently took an interest in filing for a license in NY. i was just wondering, since i am a foreign nurse who was educated outside the US, if i should file for the CGFNS CVS first or file it at the same time as my NY board of nursing NCLEX application. I do know that the CVS can take time, but does anyone know hoe long the nclex application will be held by the ny licensing board while waiting on the CVS? I

    I just do not want to file for both at the same time then find out once my CVS is done that my NCLEX application has lapsed.

    Thanks for all the input regarding my query. Cheers!
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Better to do CVS and then send application to NY a couple of months later
  7. by   Natalie123
    Hi does anyone know if the CVS for NY require both the transcripts from the registrar and the RLE summary?? i only ask because my RLE summary is not issued by the registrar in my if it is required i have to let the nursing office know and have them forward it to the registrar for when they send my transcripts..thanks for whatever information you can give me about this matter =0)
  8. by   nursesolu
    Hi Everyone..
    I have applied for a credential verification service for New York. CGFNS has recently issued report to NYSED. Can anyone please tell me now how long will the process take to finally get it done?

    thanks ...
    will wait for your reply..
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Depending when the BON meets usually within a month you should get a response
  10. by   moki9204
    hello .. GOOD DAY everyone!

    i would just like to ask how would NYSED process my application from CGFNS.. because i simultaneously submitted my cgfns documents along with the nysed application... am i going to have problems with it?
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    NY will not look at your file until they receive CVS so don't worry just sit and wait
  12. by   Anujoseph

    I have also finished my nursing course in India.I m currently applying for RN in Newyork...can you please tell me what do you mean by this Major/Concentration in the application form 1 on page 2?Also should i fill and sent the form 3? please help me
  13. by   coco_crackers
    hi there new here... i just applied cgfns cvs and they already sent docs to my school and prc. my school already received it and they currently processing it. i don't know how the prc process works? can anyone help me or give me any idea how the prc process my cgfns-cvs? do i need to do anything or pay anything to prc? thanks so much!!!