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Nurse quits job to teach fly fishing in Belise

Specializes in Maternity.


Specializes in Maternity.

I can't spell, I meant Belize!

Decades ago I worked with an RN who was married to an RRT, they quit their jobs, moved to Belize, bought a boat and worked and lived there for some time.


Specializes in Maternity.

Wow....sounds lovely!


Specializes in corrections and LTC.

We need your address, I would love to visit and fly fish!

My daughter has a friend who is from there. I keep dropping hints but my daughter lost touch with her friend.


Specializes in Home Care.

I'm leaving my job at the end of August to go teach english in Latin America somewhere. I'll be in Guatemala for several weeks learning spanish then off to Mexico City to learn how to teach english as a second language. From there....who knows?


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