Primary Care Compensation Increasing

  1. According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), primary care compensation has been increasing substantially, based on data from over 136,000 providers in over 5,800 organizations. "Nurse practitioners saw the largest increase over this period [past 5 years] with almost 30% growth in total compensation. Physician assistants saw the second-largest median rise in total compensation with a 25% increase." This is from an article about primary care MD compensation:

    "Compensation Data Underscores Primary Care Doc Shortage," Health Leaders Media, May 21, 2018,

    Compensation Data Underscores Primary Care Doc Shortage | HealthLeaders Media

    In a 2017 report, recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins reported that NPs and PAs were 3rd on their most requested recruiting assignments (after doctors), up from number 5 in the previous year. Page 9 of this report shows average pay for NP recruiting assignments since 2012, and it has been steadily increasing, from an average of 105, 000 in 2012 to $123,000 in 2017. You can find that report on this page:
    Thought Leadership
    2017 Survey of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives
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  3. by   GoodNP
    Including productivity and holiday bonuses, I made >$120k in 2017 in family practice, but they worked me ragged.
  4. by   Oldmahubbard
    Decent. I want to cry when I hear people are making 80k in some parts of the country.
  5. by   Dodongo
    Come to Southwestern Pennsylvania - where there's a PA program on every block - and new grad PAs are happy to make $80K. They're driving down wages for all of us...
  6. by   FNP2B1
    On the streets the average NP will tell you wages are going down due to oversupply of NPs.