How did you land your first NP job?

  1. Please answer the following questions:

    What was your first NP job?
    Where was your first job i.e. state (or however much you care to share)?
    What year was this?
    How did the job come about?

    Also, how many of you were contacted (without applying) while still in school for future employment? I hear of this happening to people, and I'm wondering how typical it is.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm in IL and graduated May 2006. Did the usual application, multiple interview thing.
  4. by   URGR8T
    I'm in Nv now, and graduated in 2013:-) I was offered 2 positions before I graduated. One from working as an RN at the hospital and the other from doing clinicals during school. So luckily I never had to interview. My preceptor texted me saying come to work! We had a meeting to discuss wages, benefits, and hours. Easy breezy.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    I graduated in 2003 and I was living in Michigan at the time. Most of my classmates applied for jobs in the usual manner. A few had jobs lined up before graduation because they've established relationships with physicians who wanted to hire them after they were done with NP school. Some got job offers from where they did their NP clinicals. I wasn't as fortunate but I didn't have a hard time looking for jobs after I graduated. I had a job offer even before I took the certification exam. I also didn't pursue employment as an NP until after I was completely done and had my degree.
  6. by   phillycpnp-pc
    I'm in PA. I graduated in Dec 2013. I had some job offers before graduation. Some from clinical and one from the place i worked as a RN. The position i ended up with, i found on Simply in October of 2013. I had multiple interviews with this practice from Oct to Dec. I was given an offer a couple weeks later and started in February.
  7. by   Pedsismypassion
    I'm in GA. Graduated 12/2013. After much interviewing and turning down 2 offers (one before graduation and one after) I am starting my 1st job in a couple weeks. I found this job via but previously have found leads on my local NP website and AAP website.
  8. by   gerry79
    Graduated May 2013. Retail health (Minute Clinic) 2013, Boston suburb. Did clinical at a MC and really enjoyed it. Put in online application May 2013 and was offered the job in June, started in October. Turned down a college health position (was asked to stay on while on clinical).
  9. by   quaky1
    I just graduated as an fnp in illinois and can't find a job. Any ideas?
  10. by   JeanettePNP
    My employer contacted me through and asked me to come for an interview. I started out part time and went to full time after 6 months. Now I run my own office! (We just opened a satellite clinic in a new neighborhood.)