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  1. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    Update What type NP are you? FNP Where (state)(rural/urban) do you practice? Idaho Hospital inpatient How many years experience? 3 What is your before tax paycheck amount? $145,000 base salary Additional $1000 per weekend of phone call (ave 20 call...
  2. Cash Pay primary care clinic

    Does anyone (FNP) here have any experience working at or owning a “cash only” primary care practice? I’ve worked in an outpatient family practice clinic and currently doing inpatient hospitalist. Hoping for some insight from those who have started a ...
  3. Working with ACOs?

    How many of you work at or in conjunction with an ACO? (i.e. Optum). The clinic I work with works closely with an ACO and the MD gets "bonuses" off of addressing gaps in care (whether its me or him). I'm not familiar with how it works. Do any of you ...
  4. MD office to owning a practice

    Looking for some insight into the salary of starting up my own practice. DNP-FNP here. There is an FNP I talked to who told me the amount of hassle involved with owning your own clinic isn't worth the increase in salary that comes with it. I understa...
  5. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    As the creator of the thread, It's only fair I leave my data. Been employed 6 months now. What type NP are you? FNP Where (state)(rural/urban) do you practice? Idaho; Rural Are you independent or in a group? Employed by an MD in a private clinic How...
  6. Negotiating Salary - Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I will be graduating in December as an FNP and recently had a clinic inquire about an employment option. It is in rural Nevada where the current NP is seeing over 30 patients a day and turning down approximately 15 (So she has told me)...
  7. Thoughts on a DM clinic

    Hi Everyone, I will graduate with my FNP in may, and my dream has been to run a diabetes clinic in a rural area that is approx. 2 hours from any physician specialist (approx. 15-20,000 people in the service area). No i am not doing this right away, a...
  8. Should cost matter when picking a program?

    Short answer: You are going to get varied answers. Do what is right for your situation. Does spending an extra 120,000 mean that much for a name? My answer: My thoughts about schools usually upset a lot of people on here, and I'm sure you'll see tho...
  9. Current NP's: New Solo Practice Insight

    From your experiences or relations, is it common for NP only practices to generate such a high patient demand for their services? As in to the point that it would be financially beneficial to bring on another provider? I know this depends on how good...
  10. Current NP's: New Solo Practice Insight

    I agree with you, but I am more aiming this after I have some years of experience and confidence in my decision making. I know that things can and will change by then, but if it were by todays regulations and standards, how feasible is this?
  11. Current NP's: New Solo Practice Insight

    Is it still feasible to open your own practice (specifically family) and even grow into a multi-provider clinic where you are the sole proprietor? Or do you feel like the "big guys" such as major hospitals (be in for profit or non profit) and HMOs et...
  12. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    I understand that this is going to vary individually, but I am still interested to know. I understand that every single person is going to have a different take home amount, just as every person is going to have a different salary. I'm just curious t...
  13. How did you land your first NP job?

    Please answer the following questions: What was your first NP job? Where was your first job i.e. state (or however much you care to share)? What year was this? How did the job come about? Also, how many of you were contacted (without applying) while ...
  14. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    Any new NP grads who are recently employed care to share? I want to know what an exact amount after your taxes, 401k etc are taken out. How much money goes directly to your bank account each paycheck?
  15. I thought you went to UA... Not trying to be creepy, I just remember you saying in another thread you got into UA for fall 2013