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  1. Does anyone know what happens if you fail AANP and pass ANCC on how the State Board of Nursing in Arizona handles this? Any advice what to do when you are very prepared yet unsuccessful. Does anyone have experience with taking AANP in 2013? Are there changes? My friend took it recently and stated nothing she did to prepare helped her including APEA review class, Fitzgerald etc....
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  3. by   TraceyMarino
    If you fail the AANP but pass the ANCC, no problem, at least in Michigan. Many folks do this, sign up for both, take both hoping they will pass one or both. You only have to pass one of them.

    I just took and passed the AANP a week ago. The test is not changing until August, 2013. I did the Fitz live review and a bunch of practice exams on With this combo, I felt extremely well prepared and felt the test, while not easy, did not make me want to puke halfway through. I knew before I pushed the button that I had passed. I really like the live Fitz class because she teaches you how to take the questions apart and not get freaked out by the questions. I went to the class, went through the book about 10 times, and did a bunch of practice tests.

    Just my observation, everyone I know who listened to CD's did not pass. I tried listening to some well known and frequently used CD's lent to me by a friend, and I found the info on them outdated, and not really test focused.
  4. by   gettingbsn2msn
    I passed AANP yesterday (yay!). I attended Fitz review and studied from the APEA book. Now, how is the job market out there??????
  5. by   reddgirl
    Quote from gettingbsn2msn
    I passed AANP yesterday (yay!). I attended Fitz review and studied from the APEA book. Now, how is the job market out there??????
    It depends on where you live. I know here in South Florida, the market is bad. I have been looking since October and haven't received one phone call.
  6. by   mmk130
    I just took the AANP Adult-Gero NP exam yesterday and did NOT PASS. I'm very much devastated at this point. Not sure where I went wrong, nevertheless, I have now registered to take the ANCC exam and will be awaiting my authorization to test (unsure as to how long that will take to get, AANP processed and I had ATT all within a month). Of course, I have a job lined up and this was a major set back, which is requiring them to graciously revise their plans, leaving me to take a hard look at my study plan and revamp it; I averaged about 5-8 hours/day for the 2 weeks just prior to the exam, before that I was slowly breaking the sections down and took a review course and completed the Fitzgerald study guide and CDs. I looked today for a live review course and unfortunately, the first available are mid-March (Fitzgerald, APEA, and Barkley) for the AGNPs. I assume the delay in study material and review courses are because the two certifying bodies just began offering the exam in January. I wish you the best, which exam will you be taking and maybe I can give you a little direction if it is the AANP??
  7. by   JeanettePNP
    For those of you who were taking practice exams, what were you averaging on practice tests before taking the exam? I am preparing for CPNP, I don't know how it compares to AANP, but I'm averaging 70-80 on practice and I'm wondering if that's good enough to pass. Of ocurse the difficulty level of the practice tests might not compare to the actual test....
  8. by   reddgirl
    FYI, those practice exams don't hold a candle to the AANP test. All it does is gauge where you stand in terms of test readiness. Fitzgerald Audio, leik book, Claborn, and APEA audio plus Barkely review worked for me. Personally I thought I was over prepared! Break it down section by section, that's what me and my study group did. You can do it alone as well. The essential materials is definitely the claborn book, APEA CDs, and a review course of your choice.
  9. by   gettingbsn2msn
    I agree with above. The test was very different from my practice questions.
  10. by   nitasarn
    i agree reddgirl. And towards the end I stopped doing questions and just reviewed my assessment book and notes.