what is the nurse/patient ratio where you work?

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Yikes! I don't know how you guys do it. I am on cardiac tele and we are 1:4 with a CNA for about 15 patients, and we are still running our butts off. But our floor does so many admits and discharges, plus we pull sheaths, hang vasoactive drips, etc.

But even our med/surg floors are only 1:6 at the most.

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I work a tele step-down and our ratio is 1:4 on nights, 1:3 on days. We don't have an aide at night and on days if you have an aide then you take 6 patients with the aide.

Of course we tend to be super busy and take vented pts and lots of gtts. They also think we're the ICU and send us pts that have Ks of 8.1 and other serious issues.

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SNF - 2:56, each SNF hall has 1 LPN for 28 pts.

ICF - 2:51, each ICF hall 1 LPN for 25 and 1 LPN for 26 and sometimes they just have 1 for all 51

Alzh - 1:22

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