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I wanted to let you all know about Frontier Nursing Service in Hyden, Kentucky in case you aren't familiar with them. They have an excellent reputation and their graduates are highly recruited from what I have learned. Even a midwife in Italy knew of them. Anyway, you are required to have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) prior to being accepted. After that, you can attend orientation in Hyden for five days. Levels 1 & 2 are completed at a distance, in your own home. Level 3 is two weeks of skills development that preapre you for clinical practice and is held in Hyden. Level 4 is pretty much clinical held in your own community with a CNM. This preceptorship lasts from 6-12 months. The great thing about this program is that you are able to stay in your own home and community for much of the training. You are eligible for the certification exam once you successfully complete the program. The Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing phone number is (606) 672-2312 or you can find them on the web @ http://www. or http://www.

I hope you find this helpful information.

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:p I am a student with this program and love it. I am in the level 2 section as described by your posting. I am getting a great education. It is what you put into it. I have been a L&D RN for a long time in both tertiary level care and now with the Indian Health Service in a rural facility. I am having a ball but working very hard toward the coveted CNM.


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I'm happy to hear that you like the program! I am pretty sure that's the one I will also choose when the time comes. (I also like Vanderbilt and U of Ky.) Post back often and let us know how you are doing! I'd love to hear of your experiences in Labor & Delivery, too. Take care and best of luck in the midwife program!

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thank you so much for the information! I am very interested in the type of program you described as I really don't want to move out of NYC. I will be looking into the school!! it is so nice to hear that it is recommended!


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Have any of you seen a male midwife? I am just curious, never have done the L&D but I always thought midwifery as one of those areas I always would have liked to do. Yes, you can make the assumption the last experience I had in L&D was a like 25 years ago!


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There is a male midwife who frequents this board on occasion,. I think his name is Jared.


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just a question. i had thought about midwifery several years ago, but i kind of gave up on it as i have a very busy life right now. last week i took a course called also primarily for family docs and i actually did quite well. it just kind of got me thinking perhaps i may really want to pursue midwifery after all, but in a few years when my kids are out of school and i have paid off some enormous bills that i have right now. i think i would probably go to frontier because of it's flexibility. i am 37 now and will probably be in my mid forties by the time i finish if i start in the next couple of years. what do you think? would i be too old to be hired then? i was just reading about age discrim among np's on another bb. i have been a nurse since 1987 and have 6 years l/d exp. in a rural facility. we do lots of indep. things ve's, ambo transports, and a few deliveries w/o our doc's now and then (no cnm's at my facility). i have also worked mother/ baby and cardiac. how old are most of frontier's students and what kind of positions do they have upon graduation? any input appreciated. thanks! in the meantime, i might go for a ms in nursing education through distance ed. am i having an aerly midlife crisis or what?


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I am also very interested in Frontier. Does anyone know how the cllinical part works? There are no midwifes is my area (90-100 miles away).


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MidWifery has always been my dream career. I've never actaully met one. LOL.. I live in a small town in southern Georgia. Tell me, how would that KY program transfer to a Georgia lic? I will look at the web site, but am interested in emailing w/ a nursemidwife who has time to answer questions.




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Originally posted by Glad2behere

Have any of you seen a male midwife? I am just curious, never have done the L&D but I always thought midwifery as one of those areas I always would have liked to do. Yes, you can make the assumption the last experience I had in L&D was a like 25 years ago!

there is a male midwife on here and we had one where i work, he recently went back and is now a neonatal nurse practitioner. he found he liked babies much more. I am working on becoming a CNM myself. hope this helps


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there is a male midwife in the harrisburg pa area named george eckenrode. i am not sure where he practices but it is hospital based. there's also a guy associated w/ the baltimore birth center. i think it's great. a lot of young women and men lack a positive male role model in their lives today so i think it's great to be introduced to one during the birth experience. we always say we aren't predjudiced, but i think a lot of women, not pts.-nurses, have trouble w/ men in this field. if they are competent and compassionate, them why shouldn't they have this role? i think a lot women in nursing feel this is our territory. if care is truly family-centred as we say we are men have a valuable place there too.

one of the people that i most admired and influenced me to be a nurse was a male pediatric nurse i met as a teen volunteer. it didn't matter that i was female, i truly admired his humour and caring way. i wanted to be like that, professionally. i am sorry nursing isn't more a unisex profession. i think a lot of men shy away from it and don't take the time to find out what it's all about because it's considered one of the ultimate anti-macho occupations in our culture. sorry to drift so far off topic.

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