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  1. I have an interview next week for an OB Director/Educator position... They are sending me an interview "packet", which I'm hoping will include a job description, since I'm not entirely sure of the specific job description.
    I was told I would be reporting to the Chief Clinical Officer.
    The interview is with that person, the CEO, other managers, some staff nurses, and at least 2 doctors. I believe these interviews will be staggered throughout the day and I was told it may take 5-6 hours. Wow. I've never had such an interview before!

    Any words of advice from those who have been on either end of this type of interview process? I'm also looking for some idea of a salary range for this type of position?? It is in the midwest.
    I look forward to receiving the interview packet, because I'm hoping it will enlighten me further on what to expect.

    Thanks in advance for any insight or experiences!
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  3. by   WideAwake
    I'm interested in how this went for you. I'm new to management and will be starting soon as manager, then moving into director role shortly after. I have director friends and just asked them about salary.
  4. by   Orca
    I can't imagine any interview process taking that long. I interviewed for 30 minutes for my current DON position.
  5. by   elkpark
    In my experience, the bigger deal (higher "status," more responsibility, higher salary) the position is, the longer the interview. I've applied for several positions with an all-day interview process (meeting with different individuals and groups plus touring the facility), and the interview for my current position was two days (interviewing, touring, and shadowing an individual employed in a similar position in the department). My own observation in recent years has been that the organizations doing this are the ones who want to make sure they make the best decision possible the first time around, and don't want to hire someone who's not going to work out (for whatever reason) and then be reposting the position and starting over again in a few months. I've come to consider the "quicky"-interview facilities as being those that don't really care that much about who they hire (and that would be a bad sign ... )
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  7. by   tewdles
    My most recent interview was several phone calls and then several days long. Because of the distance they flew me into town and paid for my lodging.
    It really depends upon the position you are being considered for, the agency itself, and the logistics of any geography involved.

    Good luck
  8. by   HARLEYDNS
    I'm curious about the salary of the DON. I am going for interview #3 tomorrow and wonder what the salary range for a DON is. I have over 20 yrs as a licensed nurse (RN) and have not worked in long term care, the job I am seeking is in long term care on the west coast. Washington/Oregon area. Thanks for any info.
  9. by   HARLEYDNS
    Wide Awake, The interview went well. I have to tell you I was quite surprised to walk into the conference room and find 14 others there as well as the regional nurse consultant via phone. It was some what grueling, but I made it thru. The questions were very complex and mentally draining. I rec'd a call yesterday (the day after the 3rd interview) to let me know that I have a 4th interview, meeting tomorrow. (I can not believe it) however, the administrator told me that they would be telling me yes or no at the conclusion of that interview. So, I hope you come here often and you can answer my question about the pay. You mentioned you have friends in the director position. Can you give me an idea. I am wondering if I should expect or ask for like 10-20% above my prior RCM pay?? I really have no idea. I live in Oregon west coast area. 60 bed facility, 20 rehab and 20 long term is the avg. 2 RCM/MDS coordinators. Will be on call Monday thru Sunday every 3 weeks. Thanks for any help/advice you can provide. (Anyone with info. is welcome to reply to this as well.)