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I believe a nurse I work with lied and provided the doctor false information to obtain a telephone order for a controlled substance for a patient. She failed to provide documentation of the facts/collateral information. I believe I have a duty to report this to the College on Nurses. Anyone have any thoughts?


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Unless this is egregious breach for which you have something more than "I believe," I'd mind my own business.

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It sounds like you don't know for sure, which means you don't have all the facts. I think it would be in your best interest not to say anything. Would you want someone to do that to you based on a guess? I know I wouldn't.


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Without clear substantive facts I would say no you should not do this.

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If you truely believe that something funny is going on, then forward your information up the chain of command.  If it isn't an isolated incident they can investigate for diversion.  Going to the BON?  Why?


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Definitely wouldn't be my first step.  First steps would be to talk to your charge nurse, manager, director of nursing, whoever is up the chain from you.  I can't really think of a circumstance around the one you described where I would need to contact the BON myself.


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Nurses are human and they lie often, sorry not sorry. Getting any nurse to admit they were dishonest is liken to taking a doggie treat out of a dog's mouth - almost impossible. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world where lies are uncovered or even a big deal.  I will say this...where there are lots of untruths in your colleagues, there is usually unexpressed immaturity and poor communication skills (obvious right)? Nonetheless, lies are enough to make some nurses walk away from the profession totally - especially if they are costly, detrimental to their reputation, or are covering up bigger wrongs. 

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