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I don't know what made me remember this but I had a coworker once with whom I had developed(I thought) something of a rapport. Well one day we were in the nurses' station and I jokingly made a... Read More

  1. by   SharonH, RN
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    This is one of the best. The absurdity is hilarious.

    It is absurd. I am amazed by some of the things I am reading.
  2. by   HvnSntRN
    I had a patient accuse me of "stealing" her baby, and wrote a complaint for the NM to follow up. Considering that I am the queen of CYA, and had already documented in her chart and in an incident report that I had discovered that the patient had left her baby unsupervised in the room when I went in to assess her, that she was absent from the unit (went outside for 'fresh air') for at least 20 minutes, and that I brought her baby to the Nursery until she came back, and had witnesses to corroborate my documentation, the complaint flew like a lead balloon.

    The NM told me that the patient demanded that I be fired for "stealing" her baby... and the NM told her that she should be grateful that her baby was found by me and not some weirdo that could have walked out of the hospital via the fire escape stairway across from her room, or that the baby didn't choke or stop breathing while she was out of the room, and that CPS would be checking up on her.
  3. by   Agnus
    I instructed a CNA to not get a pt. OOB. A resident who did not know the pt was not able to stand even with assistance let alone walk wrote an order that is pt was to be oob and to "walk alone" to the bathroom.

    The pt was > 250 pounds and not able to stand at all. However the CNA felt duty bound to get this pt up and walk her. Even when I had specifically instructed her not to and told her I would address this with the physician.

    When I came in the room and found both of them on the floor I asked "what happened?"

    The CNA complained that I embarrassed her in front of the patient by asking what happened. HUH?
  4. by   Agnus
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    I remember years ago, sitting in the lounge with a few of my coworkers and we were discussing how long we'd been married or dating. I was single at the time and loved hearing stories about how people met (heck, I still like hearing that).
    Anyway, this one nurse was talking about how long she and her hubby had been married and how long they'd been trying to conceive. I asked her how she met her husband and she went ballistic on me. Apparently asking how they met was too personal a question? Almost 25 years later, I still remember that incident when her name comes up.
    Makes one wonder where they did meet. Hehe
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    Makes one wonder where they did meet. Hehe
    Maybe on 'The Love Connection'?
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    So why didn't you give him the water?
    He is drowning already!
  7. by   Ashera
    I was called in for a brief mtg with the DON of a hospice in pt facility where I'd worked for a year. One particular nurse had complained because I was too upbeat and positive when I came to work and it irritated her. My DON said I needed to "work on that" - and then just shook her head in amazement and smiled.
  8. by   aries33
    i was working in home health, not as a nurse because i just became one (go me) but as an aide. she was old and always picked someone out of the crew that she picked on. Well she sat on her bed one day and asked me to get her a glass of water. ok im not a nurse, but water i can get (LOL), at least i thought so, anyway. so, i proceeded to the sink and got her water. job well done, right? Not to her. she complained that i had gotten the water wrong (how can you get a glass of water wrong anyhow?) apparently, she wanted me to run the faucet for 30 secs before getting it to get the water "cleared out of the pipes"!! lol!!
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  9. by   Rnandsoccermom
    This happened many years ago to a friend on the night shift. We had a woman with Guillian-Barre who was on a vent. She complained to the day shift that the night RN's got her up in the wheel chair and ran up and down the hallways with her.

    About a month later, the same woman complained that an oriental male climbed up on top of her and put his penis in her mouth-mind you she was still on the vent. When her husband found out he went ballistic and called the local police. The funny thing was the MD and the RT were both oriental!
    Poor woman was on our unit for 9 months and she and her husband drove us nuts!!!!
  10. by   PeachPie
    I stand by my conclusion that humanity has evolved into a race of spoiled brats.
  11. by   SaderNurse05
    Quote from cookie102
    i had a co-worker complain the boss that i refused to take a cookie from her!!
    hmmm... but your name is cookie.....
  12. by   cota2k
    A 19ish female with back pain left one rural hospital with Dad to drive 25 minutes to our rural hospital because their ED was to busy, and didn't want to wait. After I assesed her, IV'd her and told her the entire process of UTI vs K. Stone, she told our tech that I was arrogant.
  13. by   MsPiggy
    Hmm, it's just unreal what people say isn't it?

    I had a Dr. tell me I was "insolent" once, lol. Can't remember what I said to him but hey maybe I was.

    Also had a fellow staff member whom physically threatenend me complain to our boss afterwards that I wasn't being "friendly" with him. I filed a formal complaint about his witnessed threats and YES it was actually brought to my attention that he made this complaint.

    Still not friendly with him, the turdball.