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Ugh! Feeling a little frustrated today with some other newbie nurses (I am one myself). As part of orientation, we have several tasks that we have to complete and classes to attend. I find them... Read More

  1. by   JessicRN
    It is not just newbies. I have a traveler who is the same way. Including "you have been here 7 months I think it is time you learn to input orders on the computer just like your fellow travels who just arrived last week".How about no taking care of your pt with chest pain comes before eating or your cigarette especially when you are not on break.:

    Can you believe it,she works in our ED and told me she did not want to write the CEN exam as she cannot interpret ABG's and she can only do very basic rhythms and cannot read EKGs and if she gets a pt with chest pain who needs a workup she can only take care of that pt even if she is assigned 3 patients. Everyone else is expected to pick up the slack even if they have critical patients. acccccck
  2. by   Young Woman
    Hey i can relate sometimes you feel like your in with school children
    the way they talk my work collegues speak to me like i am a little kid i am actually 22 they think i look about 16 or 14
    but sometimes i wonder
  3. by   Nani1234
    I would try to speak with your next instructor or the coordinator of the classes before your next one. Sounds like they haven't asserted any authority over the class but need to so that all can learn. Sorry you're having such a bad time. Just know that your head seems to be in the right place.
  4. by   bradleau
    How about the right pupil equal and reactive..and a 2. the same with the left eye. But hey, since when does an artifical right eye become equal and reactive. This is from nurses charting on a CCU patient. HELP!! No, they did not get their eyes mixed up.
  5. by   smiley222
    Unfortunatly, I too see too much of this type of behavior and it puzzles me! What I have found is that no matter where you work, you'll still have these type of people to deal with. When I'm at work, I work. I don't want to listen to gossip, or play on the internet like most of them do. It's frustrating.
  6. by   icuwant2rn
    1. To the day shift nurses: Please do your job instead of leaving it for me to do, I am just as busy on my shift and really don't like having to finish your work before I can do my own.

    2. To the night shift CNAs (or at least a few of them): I don't mind putting a pt on a bed pan, getting them a soda, clean sheets, etc. but I have my own job to do and if you didn't spend an hour and a half of your night smoking you would have plenty of time to do yours. So, please stop acting like I'm lazy because I don't jump up to go answer call lights, that's part of your job description, just as charting on all 10 of my pts is part of mine.
  7. by   MedSurgeMess
    AMEN to all of the above!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   Agnus
    Quote from bethin
    I wish I could tell them that talking about their sex lives and various instruments that they may use in the bedroom is best left in the bedroom.
    No only can you tell them you should. Or report this to HR. this comes under the heading of hostile enviorment.

    At the very least they are unprofessional. At the most your hospital could face a law suite from a patient visitor or employee.
  9. by   Agnus
    Quote from bradleau
    How about the right pupil equal and reactive..and a 2. the same with the left eye. But hey, since when does an artifical right eye become equal and reactive. This is from nurses charting on a CCU patient. HELP!! No, they did not get their eyes mixed up.
    Oh boy! don't they realize equal means the right is equal in size to the left. One eye can not be equal it takes two baby.
  10. by   kito4149
    im a new nurse working in the prison system. some of the "golden oldies" got upset w/me b/c i told them i didnt want to be trained the "wrong" way. they asked me what did i mean. i told them that they were set in their lazy ways and they werent gonna train me properly. i think i stepped on a lot of toes, but i dont care b/c i work on my license, not theirs. even though they are inmates, we took an oath to give the best care to everyone, no matter what. having said that, i am learning the old fashioned way, I JUMPED IN HEAD FIRST!!!!!!!!! thank God i can float!!!
  11. by   queenjean
    [quote=Roy Fokker;2115077]Here's my list:

    1. Name, Sex, Age. Admitting date and diagnosis. Procedure date (maybe different from admission date). Attending MDs, Hospitalists, internists, primary MDs. On-call MDs if need be. Code status and anesthesiologist group (if patient has epidural, block etc).
    2. Past history. Allergies.
    3. IV access/fluids - type, rate, credit.
    4. Pain control - PCA/Oral. Time last dose given, strength. If PCA, give credit
    5. Output - bedpan, BRP, Foley. Give amounts. Includes Drains, reinfusers, NG tubes etc.
    6. Labs done and pertinent/abnormal results. List labs to be drawn and times to be drawn at. Also list Accu-check glucose monitoring status and results [along with amount of insulin given, if any]. Remind at this spot if RN needs to draw labs from central lines if pt. has one (or not to if MD has ordered no line draws).
    7. Special meds/treatments - TPN, cardizem drip etc.
    8. Other treatments - elevate extremity, I/S, HOB, nebs etc., O2 rate/delivery method
    9. General comments - give your impression of the patient, behavior over your shift. Any calls you made. Your concerns etc. Discharge details (if applicable)


    Roy, that's waaaay too much for me. That is what the computer is for on our unit, and we have in fact been instructed that we are not to give all that repetitive info. I know each unit is different, I'm just saying on our unit, report on each patient shouldn't take 15 minutes each!

    And that is my gripe. Hello, did you see that I was here for 15 minutes getting info off the computer. My brain is in front of us--do you not see I know that pt's allergies, where the IV is, what fluid is running, etc? I don't need to be re-told these things.

    I want to know what has changed, things to look out for, any problems, anything to be alert for, anything I can't get off the computer. Not that his mother came in, and didn't they have a lovely chat, and then she brought him clean socks, but you just sent them back home, because they weren't the no-skid kind, and that was okay with the patient, he didn't really like the socks that his mom brought in anyway.

    To M on my shift: I swear to G*d if you huff and sigh one more time I will not be reponsible for my actions. It might get ugly.

    To certain day shift nurses: If you don't get to work until 0700, you don't get the luxury of having 15+ minutes to look at the computer. You just need to take report and get it later. Remember that at 0700 and 1900 we give report? Remember that at 1850 yesterday I came looking for you, got report from you, and you got out of here early? Could you at least get report from me ON TIME?

    And I swear to G*d, whoever is drinking my soda out of the staff fridge, despite it being clearly marked, if I find out who you are, you might soon be sleeping with the fishes. In any case, I think I am going to get some prank cans of soda, and let you have at it. Enjoy spending the night in the crapper after you drink my castor oil laced soda.

    I also want to let you know, when I put up that sign on the fridge that said I spit in all my food before I put it into the fridge, I wasn't kidding. Hope you enjoyed my sputum on that lentil bean and rice casserole.
  12. by   samaletta
    Quote from jill48
    I would like to say, "Yes, I DO smoke, and I will take 3 ten minute breaks to smoke instead of a 1/2 break for lunch if I want to; and how does sitting at the nurses station on your butt all day eating Cheetoh's fit into YOUR break schedule?"

    :spin: I love it!
  13. by   jill48
    1. Maybe you shouldn't wear a thong with those pants, I don't care to see your bum.

    2. When I ask if you need any help, it is not an invitation for you to give me the dirty jobs that you don't want to do. I have already done them on my own patients, thank you very much.

    3. Yes, I did happen to notice that you assigned me 6 chest tubes and yourself 5 alert and oriented people who are only here for bowel prep for colonoscopies because they could not do it at home the way the doctor orded it. Did you think I didn't notice that?

    4. Yes, your new hair cut is pretty. No, those pants don't make you look fat (or do they?).

    5. Stop standing so close behind me at the Pxyis. You freaking me out and I feel like I'm at the ATM. This is a big room, back the heck up.

    6. I understand venting, I even do it myself; but please quiet down in the hallways. My patients and their families don't need to hear your problems, or your cursing.

    7. If I ever see you even look at your patient wrong again, not to mention speaking to them in a tone I don't like, I will intervene wether you like it or not.

    8. Yes, I am aware of the fact that I am an LPN and you are an RN; but I have 11 years experience and you are a new nurse so shut up and let me train you.

    9. If you take the last of anything, feel free to get up of your big butt next time your "bored" and refill it. It's not that hard. It won't hurt you. And it's just good manners.

    10. If you want me to respect you, then show me some respect. This is not junior high school. Whispering and giggling is not cute here.