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  1. Nani1234

    Would you recommend nursing to your daughter?

    I would recommend nursing to my son and daughter alike. The opportunities are amazing whether a nurse stays at the bedside or chooses to take a different path. And talk about job security .... It's distressing to see so many negative responses.
  2. Nani1234

    Things you wish you could say to your co-workers...

    I would try to speak with your next instructor or the coordinator of the classes before your next one. Sounds like they haven't asserted any authority over the class but need to so that all can learn. Sorry you're having such a bad time. Just know that your head seems to be in the right place.
  3. Nani1234

    PhD in California

    UCLA has the best PhD program in Southern California and UCSF has a great program in the Bay area. Check out their websites
  4. Nani1234

    Shocked at Surgery

    It sounds as if you needed to see or care for one of the patients before and after their operation. Students and new grads need to see what is involved in the entire surgical process to help understand and improve the post-operative skills they use in the future. Medical personnel can seem crass and uncaring with a bizarre sense of humor. You will develop similar coping skills and hopefully they will be "seen" by your first orientee as appropriate and acceptable.