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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by PhePhe
    [B]You know, I have heard nurses aides say that the nurse HAS to help, and just because they are an RN doesn't mean they don't have to do patient care anymore.

    Reminds me of when one of our CNAs, after being 'reminded' to do her vitals said....."When I am a nurse I will do MY own vitals." Ahem..... her job is to do vitals and draw blood. Period. That is why she was hired. I wish I had time to sit and eat dinner and do my nails instead of my work.
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    I agree that the managment is responsible for LAZY NAs. I used to work on a surgical unit where the NAs were wonderful. They worked hard just like the RNs. The nursing manager expected this from RNs and NAs and we all complied. Both the RNs and NAs would get spoken to if necessary. We all accepted this and worked well TOGETHER. Now I work on a cardiac/respiratory unit and the NAs are lazy and help those that are thier friends. The NA with seniority makes a lot of motion of being busy but really does very little. I find that it is so heavy and other than making a problem (and making enemies of long time staff) it is better to just ask for help and if I don't get it, do it myself when I have time. The nursing manager of this unit thinks the NAs are wonderful.
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    hi to all who responded to the post i too am a cna. i work long hard hours we are always short every day of the week i get called everyday to go in early. i consider my nurse my mentor i have learned alot from her. i have worked with all 3 shifts i primerly work 11-7. i feel for u nurses who dont get support i see how my nurse sits at the desk all nite doing paperwork and all her other duties! i would like to become a nurse but i havent been able to pass the entrance exam. and alot of what y say is true we get slackers but i give them heck! im not another cnas crap. i too havee had the gamit from doing 40 residents my self all nite to rounds! so yes the street goes both ways! i pride my self in my job and although many times there are no smiles but i rember every thank you i get and it helps me to move on into the next day
    we were told no raise for 2 years im sad about that so i hope the ones that y do depend on you give a thank you too cause it really helps us too ! i may add what happened to hippa! we were told no disscusing residents! i dont get but 2 breaks and 30 min supper so where do these people work!!!! i dont understand it.
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    Originally posted by Brita01
    It sounds like that whole heap of troublemakers needs to be scrapped. But since that is very unlikely to happen, you might want to start looking at the job ads. There are too many available positions out there for you to continue at a job where you're being stressed out like this. The job is stressful enough without having to constantly fight with the nursing assistants and management. There's only so much you can do before you have to stop beating your head against a brick wall and move on. Good luck to you.
    Update! We have several new GPN's and GN's joning our staff so many of the "oldtimers" are being shuffled around abit-tee hee....I am going to another unit soon...We are getting a GN whom worked her way through school there as an aide-one of my "problem children" told her that she is glad I am leaving because " You'll be the kind of nurse that just doesn't care what we do-we'll have a blast" Won't she be in for a surprise...I know the GN feels nervous about the entire situation-it's hard to become the charge nurse over your peers-but she told me that she does care and knows she'll have to nip this in the bud or it will escalate....Hmmm-seems I have the reputation of "caring" Yep-when I ask someone to do something I expect it to be done-and if it not I don't ignore it.....I owe it to the residents-they deserve appropriate care......I am flabbergasted to find that "caring" is not always a good thing.....
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    please keep me posted as to what happens with the charge nurse it will be no means pleasent but it needs to be dealed with pronto!!!! no doubt. heres to a nice weekend
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    we've all experienced the lazy na, and yes i know there are loads of great ones around however its not the great ones who'll lose you your licence and thats what all of us should remember, accountability. I once worked in a hospital where I was expected to sign off on the na's work, even though with my own patient case load, I could only find time to look after my own not check all of their load. one day at 0900 I went for coffee, came back in 15 minutes and was told by the na that I could now sign off on her patients. How could anyone give 4 sponge baths, 2 showers in 15 minutes. you can all only imagine what I found when I checked all the patients. Clean top sheets covering urine, faeces stained beds, no sponge baths, unbrushed, unshaven, uncomfortable patients. I went straight to my manager thinking " Well now their going to have to do something". the bottom line given to me was, rectify the problem or sign off and take responsibility. I left nursing for 3 years after that and sadly nothings changed!
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    Interesting this would come up.....
    I'm in training before I take NCLEX next week.
    This is on an alzhiemers unit that I'll be doing two sundays' a month at.

    A CNA tells the nurse she is gonna go on break. Then a light goes on, The nurse says, "oh that light just went on" The cna says,"oh come on, you really want me to get that? i was just in there!!!" The nurse says "well yeah" The cna wanted to argue "ah come on, i was just in there". This went on for a minute or so, ( the time it would have taken the cna to walk down there and check the light)

    Being fresh outta nursing school, i could not believe that this cna wanted to "take a break" before answering this call light.

    I walked towards the room, the cna saw me, and followed me. needless to say this cna is in her 2nd quarter of LPN school.

    At clinicals in school, all of the aides in hospitals seemed to be appropriate, but this situation did not seem appropriate. Scarey to think I'll be the RN on this shift two sundays a month.

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    Grrr today I saw an aide walk right past 3 call lights going, which were hers, while going on her 6th smoke break for the first half of the shift. I was her hall partner, so I had to answer them. It took me a half hour to take care of what was needed. She walked right past me while I was doing her work for her, without saying a word. Trust me CNA's dislike lazy CNa's too.
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    There will always be worthless CNA's, unfortunatly. But, those who are wonderful need to be told how we appreciate there work. I always thank my aides that do a great job. I like to work as a team, I have seen looks of shock when I tell the aides I took a resident to the BR or something like that. I know that in LTC there are also nurses who wouldnt do any personal cares even if they had the time. Personally, I enjoy helping the residents when I can and in turn helping out the aides. I do not let the bad apples slack off on my wing, that just isnt allowed. that makes them not want to work on my wing, so I usually end up with a great crew on my wing!
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    In the hospital I work in, we have PCT'S ( patient care tech's) They are trained to do simple treatments, accuchecks, EKG's to name a few. We have the same problem. Just because you are an RN doesn't mean you don't have to empty a bedpan....etc...... I have made more than one enemy by telling them," I can do your job but you can't do my job, so when I'm doing your job, who is doing my job!" Really peeves them off. Doesn't work but I keep trying....hahaha.
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    first of all I was a nurses aid and all I ever heard was cna dont do anything, well I really dont believe that for one bit cna have to get residents up and people are not lite, also they have to wash people, and residents that are older and sit in their own urine and **** does not smell good naturally, cna have to fuss to put on ted hose no its not fun, also they have to give residents showers and believe me when you bring some of these older people in to the shower and take off all their clothing they think they are being raped expecially if they are confused and when they kick the **** out of you and you feel as if you just took a bath with them no its no fun, or when your residents stands up and **** on the floor do you RN's believe that the **** gets cleaned up by its self no way the cna has to do it. So When my cna what to take a little longer break do you think I complain no way. I appreciate my cna, however I dont take no **** from them either and if they dont do their job they dont get longer breaks and they get written up and believe me if management doesnt do anything I would take it to personal because that is their job, and god forbid the supervisor that reprimanded me for saying something about a cna that is not doing their job. A GRIEVANCE WOULD BE FILED.
    just remember nurses should stick together and they dont, it appears to be every dog for them self, and their are also some nurses that try to play I your boss and you do as I say, well in these time nobody gives a dam if you are a RN or God, everyone wants to be treated with respect and if you dont treat them with respect they will not respect you no matter what you do. I been a nurse for a short time and was a cna at the same place I am working as a RN, and their is not a CNA in the place that does not treat me with respect, I work as a team and will help them if I can an I believe that is why they do their best for me, I do not act like their boss, I act like their team leader, so screw management all they think about is how to save a buck their main focus is business RN's you are team leaders take charge and be kind and for god sake smile!!!!!!!!!
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    well said kitten 42