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    Right on, Destiny Star!!!
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    Quote from Blackcat99
    :angryfire The director of nurses threw a chart at me when I started a new job as an LPN. When I asked her why she did it she said "You didn't tell me you were going to call the doctor" I was "new" and didn't know she wanted to be notified before I called a doctor. I was furious! :angryfire :angryfire I told her " B****. I don't care if you are the director of nurses. Let's go out to the parking lot and finish this" She refused to go outside with me. I finished my shift and told the administrator that I quit and would not be returning and why. She begged me to stay. About 6 months later the administrator called me and said "That crazy woman is gone now. Can you come back now? I said no thanks I have another job now.
    I had been at a job for 3 months. My manager was out of town and there was a bit of staffing crisis which happened often. It happened often due to the fact their method of staff the unit was mass disorganization and unfair. I went to the office of my manager which she shared with another manager of a sister unit. I knocked on the door, apologized for interupting after I saw she had a hospital employee in there. I had never met her so I introduced myself and asked for my manager. She mentioned she was oot and she was on call per say. So I said I work in the such and such and there is a bit of staffing issue that was going on. She got up and went to the unit with me. It was taken care of and I thought all was well. She told my manager when she returned that I was threatening, rude and impolite when I came to the office and that she was afraid of me when I came in. She also said she thought I did not like my job because I did not smile. Mind you, I did not know here nor had ever worked with her! I was so taken back by her accusation I could have fallen over! I could not believe it!! Well From that point on it was a horrible relationship with my manager and I literally had to quit because my manager treated me so badly. It destroyed my job really. Bottom line for some reason and this is life, she just took a dislike to me. I could not do anything to repair the relationship. She treated me like I had the plague. It was terrible!!
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    i think this is the real reason there is such a shortage of nurses. i mean theres waiting lists to get into schools all over, so i cant see a lack of supply. i see lack of desire. i got a cna position at a local hospital where i always wanted to work, i had great respect for them. i was beginning my final year at Rn school come the fall, and i had been out for 7 years ( talk about nerve wreaking)
    I WAS happy to be there, but the CNA "training" me gave me her assignment, and went on with the head nurse to go learn skills doing ivs and such. i didnt complain, but when i didnt do her job just as she would done it, i got reprimanded and fired tbereafter. the head nurse kept making it verbally loud and clear that the other CNA who was supoosed to be training me ( who was in school for her LPN) was her favorite, but that should not have cost me. i called the DON after i did make a error, in hopes of keeping a job, and she told me to come in and work my next 12 hour shift and then see her in the morning. That shift went very well, i was getting things done right, and i felt positive, finally. was grateful i was going to have a oppotunity to discuss my "training" and at least be heard. the DON fired me on the spot, at theend of that 12 hour shiftwith no problems. told me to "remediate" my nursing skills. though i was working and hired only as a CNA , and i dont how many times i thought i had been clear that i had a 7 year absence from school, and was just beginning over again. it took all desire away from me.