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I am a new nurse and there is a night nurse ...who is so rude (to me). Every time I give her report she cuts me off abruptly. And doesn't even let me finish a sentence. And its not like I talk slowly... Read More

  1. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from kitamon
    Be bigger than that, no matter how hard it is. I have gotten the same thing. I just pause, answer the ?, then continue with my report. The pauses allow the rudeness to stand out. After a few days of this her own best bud was telling her to shut up.

    Sorry you have to endure this. And I am speaking from recent experience.
    Exactly. Plus, after they see they cannot get a rise out of you no matter how hard they try, they move on to greener pastures.
  2. by   HGJ78
    I agree with those that are saying this is just rudeness. We have a new grad nurse that started nights on our unit that acts the same way during report. I think it is her attempt at "proving" herself as a new nurse. Try to trip up the nurse with experience...I just smile and finish my report.
  3. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I don't think anyone's getting eaten here.(seriously reading this board maybe that is where nurses gain weight I am guessing, all these youngins being ate! ) If it were me, I would simply say something. She might not even realize how she is coming off.
  4. by   Ruby Vee
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    im a pretty new nurse as well and i've figured out that there are some night nurses that want the bare bones report and then they like to look up everything else themselves. it is their practice. i do insist that they hear certain pertinent points. and there is no excuse for her/him being so rude to you... a nonviolent workplace is your right.
    a patient's family member shooting a doctor is violent. this was rude. rude is rude. it devalues violent to refer to rudeness as violence.
  5. by   Jules A
    Hopefully prospective nurses will read this entire thread and put it in perspective. Like others have said rudeness is rudeness. C'mon one abrupt or even nasty co-worker doesn't make for violence or eating young.
  6. by   johwiklundRN

    I believe this is the connotation within which OP refers to violence. PS NVC is an invaluable communication model which I practice everyday at work and at home.

    kind like ghandi
  7. by   timetoshine
    Just for the Record. Being rude is a subtle way of "of eating your young" It dosen't need to be overt or violent. Seems to me this Nurse is a "Result Oriented" person. She is not interested in how or why the Patient is there she can read that in the notes. She wants to know what you did for the Patient.
    Me: "Mr. X is on telemetry monitoring..."
    Her: Abruptly interrupting.."whats the heart rate?"

    For instance "Mr. X his vitals were . . . . . at 21:30" She may know he is on Telemetry Monitoring and all she wants to know is his last reading at what time.

    Me: New Admission, Mr. B is currently undergoing chemotherapy and reported lack of appetite...."
    Her...Abruptly interrupts me again "Did you give him anything?"
    Me: ....patient is receiving an appetite stimulant (megace)..
    Her: What else? Skin intact?

    Mr. "B", New Admit started on Megace B.I.D. He ate a whole sandwich at 21:30
    She wants to know if he's responding to treatment. She can read the notes for admittig Dx, etc. I would say she is probably thinking about what she needs to do for her shift. She sounds like she has little or no patience for information she already knows. If it continues you need to not take it personal but I would talk to her about it. I would also ask her to sign off on your notes just in case.
  8. by   JRP1120, RN
    Quote from johwiklundRN

    I believe this is the connotation within which OP refers to violence. PS NVC is an invaluable communication model which I practice everyday at work and at home.

    kind like ghandi
    Wow, I wish we could bring this to our workplace and make it a mandatory class (we offer lots of classes where I work). Invaluable? Yes! What a breath of fresh air it would be to have employees using this model everyday at work! And think of the lowered stress levels (since many snarky employees seem to bark at others out of frustration). I didn't know such an organization existed but I try and practice this wherever I am.

    The problem I see today in too many places and especially on the floors is people just aren't NICE to one another. People don't have patience or tolerance for one another's differences in who they are as PEOPLE. People don't even bat an eye at being rude to someone else just because that person does/says things differently than they do (and then see no problem with going and chastising those persons to others, spreading the rudeness, creating backbiting, more nipping and intolerance). I mean really? Come on, we're all human, with feelings and differences. The root of it all is selfishness. People these days are too selfish and wrapped up in themselves to even care how what they say effects others. It's sad really.

    This isn't just in the hospital work place, it's EVERYWHERE.