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Indulge me for a moment. Back in the day, nothing was instant but coffee. There was a waiting game for almost every aspect of life. It set people up to have a number of anticipatory feelings. ... Read More

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    I am having a hard time reading your posts due to the multiple unnecessary capitalization's
    Some people use a larger font that can be difficult to read on certain devices.
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    Quote from OCNRN63

    LOL, I did the same thing. There were some pretty witty comments on that one.
    Ahh, the mockery thread. Good times, good times. I had so much fun with that thread!
  3. by   WanderingSagehen
    Major stereotyping..... I am older and still struggling with impatience like the 20 year olds you describe. I believe we are in a new era with technology, all generations are insisting on "right now" results in regards to technology. And yes I so understand the slow initiation into this field of nursing. As a nurse with 30 years experience YOU may have forgot the pain and slowness of "being new."