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I always screw up when dealing with doctors! So yesterday I paged the MD cuz my pt's B/p was low (even after he ordered a bolus) and when i was giving him report I was like so at 18 b/p on the... Read More

  1. by   Anna-s
    Quote from Jean Marie46514
    love this thread!!

    Once i was talking to some doc on the phone, and this was back when we still occasionally made actual personal calls to our own homes on the unit ground line in the nurse's station.

    As the doc and i were rather hurriedly ending our conversation,
    he said "okay, bye"
    and out of habit, i replied, "Okay, love you, bye."
    and hung up the phone.

    oh my, did my face turn red, when i realized what i'd just said to the doctor....and everyone in the nurse's station busted out in peals of laughter.
    Hahahahahahaha Omg! You killed me! This is funny
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    Quote from LisaLPN7
    Back in the mid-90s I worked with an old-school (for that time) RN, who was also a Baptist minister's wife. She was an excellent nurse, and always very kind to everyone. The only thing--she absolutely refused to have anything to do with a penis. She would refuse to cath a male, check surgical sites around a penis, give a bedpan to a male, or even hand a urinal to a male who could do the rest himself. She would always get other nurses to do her male caths, and get the orderly we had on on nights to do the rest. Plus, when things got hectic, she could be more than a bit addled.

    Once there was a 30-something man on the floor, who for some reason I can't remember, had come in for a circumcision. He was her patient. He was having problems with post-op swelling, so she kept the orderly, an older gentleman named Hubert, checking on him and applying ice. At one point, she had picked up the phone in the nurse's station to page Dr. Smith, the house doc for another matter. She punched in the numbers to do an overhead page, said, "Dr. Smith..." and saw Hubert walking towards her. She turned away from the phone and called to Hubert, "Is that man's penis still swollen?" However, she turned back to the telephone receiver too soon, and what went out over the intercom was, "Dr. Smith....'s penis still swollen?"

    Elderly Dr. Smith was a few steps behind Hubert, coming up the hall. He stopped, looked down at himself, and said, "Not in years, thank God!"
    Oh my goodness that was hysterical!!!
  3. by   Beautiful Mind RN
    This is not my own personal experience, but what I witnessed when my grandfather was in the hospital...

    My grandfather has a stoma and he usually tends to eat things he is not suppose to and has frequent visits to the hospital, because his stoma ends up getting clogged...and that's not a good thing! There have been some close calls, but last time we went, they managed to stabilize him pretty quickly.

    I remember during a dressing change, the nurse had a nursing student with her and the nurse was going to have the student do the dressing change under supervision. Being the man that my grandfather is...(thank god my grandmother was not around at this time, otherwise, she might have killed him), he gave her a big, toothy grin, winked at her, and just as the nervous student was opening his dressing..."Oh, I hope you're gentle!" It was an innocent, coy line, of course and I just rolled my eyes, so did the nurse, but the look on the student's face was priceless...she was flushed to the max. The Dr just happened to come into the room right at that awkward time...and saw us all just giggle with a timid nursing student just standing there....dumbfounded as to what was going on. His face was priceless too! If only I had a camera to share the moment...

    Not as good as the rest of yours, but worth a giggle.
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    I was working in the OR, so very rarely did we see docs in their street clothes, let alone without a mask on.
    One day I was grocery shopping, not In my normal part of town, so I was taken aback when a male approached me and spoke to me by name. The look on my face must have shown my confusion because he introduced himself as Dr. Soandso.
    Just as his wife walked up I told him, "oh, sorry. I'm not used to seeing you in your clothes!"
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    I do love a good funny doctor story. I don't have any to share right now but please do keep posting them!
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    I posted this yesterday on the wrong thread when i meant to put it here.

    Discussing a patient in the context of "we have tried everything and nothing is working."

    I said to the doctor, "Did you try waving the magic wand?"

    He give me the oddest look, shook his head, and said, "Sorry, that just made me think of Magic Mike."

    (Movie about male strippers, for those unaware)

    I replied, "Well don't wave THAT magic wand!" then instantly turned bright read when I realized my voice had operated before my brain kicked in.

    He laughed, but oh my, was I embarrassed!