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I love my brother. I really do. Through my talks with my brother about his many hospitalizations, I have come to the conclusion that he is the Worst Patient Ever, heretofore known as a WPE or a... Read More

  1. by   Purple_Scrubs
    My mom is an RN of 40+ years, but she has been in admin/consulting/risk management for around 20. Before I went to nursing school my husband had to have abdominal surgery. Mom came for support and gave the nurses a run for their money. Hubby spiked a mild fever after surgery (duh) and Mom was just bonkers about it. I guess she forgot about inflammation...she was convinced it was an infection and was very vocal about it. Kept throwing the RN card. The surgeon, God bless him, finally sat her down and reminded her of some Med/Surg basics she had forgotten since he bedside years.

    The same surgeon removed my gallbladder a few years later, and he remembered her My procedure was outpatient, so I went home and crashed to sleep off the anesthesia (it affects me horribly...I am not myself for days after). Within hours of being home she was all over me to get OOB. The nausea was awful, even with meds for it, and I kept telling her to leave me alone. She drug me into a sitting position to try and force feed me, and before the food even made it to the room I vomited on her. I could not stand without vomiting violently. She finally called the surgeon's office to complain to him that I had not gotten OOB yet. He sweetly told her to leave me alone. Love him.

    I would classify her as a family member from hades. She has been remarkably healthy, but God help us all when her own health fails.
  2. by   Morainey
    I call them PITA chips

    My mother in law is not quite so bad, but the family is nightmarish. They watched each and every healthcare provider like a hawk and were quick to jump to "This room is terrible! Look at the view!" (largest room on the floor but overlooks air handling systems) and "That nurse only came in once since 7AM!" (at 8:30AM).
  3. by   sweetnurse4u
    Sounds very familiar!! lol!