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I am not even a nurse yet, but my short time in the hospital as aide made me see how much nurses do and how smart they are about patient care and how little doctors are even around and sometimes... Read More

  1. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from Poochiewoochie

    I believe he is a cardiac surgeon and was very surprised that he was still practicing since he is a big shot tv star. A lot of the stuff he recommends has been discredited-like some of the weight loss stuff he talks about.
    ^ Yeah, but I have incorporated flax seed as a staple in my diet, and will mix sparkling water in my juice to cut down on drinking soda. You can take what is useful, but for the public to take it on and when you appear at the beside and say "Dr. Oz said..." you are going to have a conversation about finding this pt a PCP...
  2. by   LadyFree28
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    I don't even like shows like The Doctors and just can't tolerate Dr Oz with his following every new "brand new study says" stuff. And give me a break, he's an expert in ever area of medicine? People, just go to your personal physician please lol
    ^This!!! LOL...
  3. by   tashap18
    just a couple weeks ago on greys anatomy, dr.yang asked one of the nurses to get her something and the nurse responded "right away doctor!" and scurried away with her head down. iIreally wanted to send a tweet to Shonda Rhimes about that one lol
  4. by   jreed26
    This whole discussion is pretty hypocritical, don't you think? You're upset because nurses are stereotyped and yet you throw out a very bold and similar blanket statement about physicians? I don't mean to play devil's advocate here, but I get tired when I hear nurses say things along these lines for two reasons:

    1) It's time we all stop perpetuating this ongoing battle between doctors and nurses and start to work as an interprofessional, collaborative team. You cannot be critical when comparing the role of a physician to that of a nurse because we have two different jobs that should symbiotically promote the well-being of our patients. Physicians study and train for a very long time to be able to make medical decisions about care and give medical orders. They are not there to spend copious amounts of time with patients at the bedside. Not to say they shouldn't have a good bedside manner, but if they seem "clueless", it may be because they don't have the same interactions that we do as nurses. Rather than criticizing them, try working with them. Use all of the knowledge that you have to fill in the gaps to make it the best experience possible for the patient. Are there rude, irritating and condescending doctors? Of course. Are there rude, irritating condescending nurses (PT's, RRT's, OT's, SW's for that matter)? Of course! The moment we stop stereotyping professions based on a few bad apples is the moment our patients win. Instead, lead by example! Be proud of what you do and do it well, aside from that, nothing else matters.

    2) It's television people! Stop investing your time and efforts into caring about dramas portrayed on TV. If you believe that television shows have a true effect on your nursing identity, then you are not doing a good enough job of taking pride in your work and showing others what you truly do. There is a parallel between this issue and the classic playground "Am not!", "Are too"! argument. Did this ever work? I feel that having a proactive approach to combating stereotypes is far more effective. We need to focus our efforts on showcasing the amazing things we do! Write articles! Do presentations! Bring the media to your events!
  5. by   SaoirseRN
    I don't think anyone here is actually criticizing physicians for not doing the job of a nurse. What they are irritated about is that the media portrays physicians doing what we do, and so leading to many in the general public believing that what we work hard to do each day is accomplished by the doctors.

    It doesn't mean that we don't think the doctors have a hard job.
  6. by   chrisrn24
    Quote from SaoirseRN
    I don't think anyone here is actually criticizing physicians for not doing the job of a nurse. What they are irritated about is that the media portrays physicians doing what we do, and so leading to many in the general public believing that what we work hard to do each day is accomplished by the doctors.

    It doesn't mean that we don't think the doctors have a hard job.
  7. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from PMFB-RN
    I think Nurse Jackie, drug addictions included, is the most accurate medical show I have ever seen. That is not to say it's accurate, just compaired to the crap like House & Grey's it is.
    ^ I forgot to mention Nurse Jackie. Current best show about healthcare...the good, the bad, the ugly, in an entertaining way.
  8. by   Patchouli
    Scrubs and Nurse Jackie are the only two worth watching that don't irritate the heck out of me. Nurse Jackie is the most realistic, and even it has unrealistic moments (like going out to eat regularly with her doc friend, or finding the time to have sex with the pharmicist during her shift). However, it is a TV show, so... Scrubs is just so full of comedic goofieness that it's hard to take seriously. Hawthorne is deplorable... Your typical sterotypes with the one nurse in pink being a flirt, the two male nurses, one wanted to be a doc but couldn't get into med school, the other is gay! Then the manager is running the floor with her nurses, and answers to docs like they are her bosses!!! Ugh! House ticked me off years ago when he asked a kid to help him with a LP, and the kid was like "shouldn't a nurse help"? House was like, you'll do a better job than a nurse...... Blah! No nurses, unless they are changing bedpans. Docs doing ALL of the work, and maybe two nurses in the background in most of the shows.
  9. by   Novo
    I watched ER a couple of times........why are there more doctors in the ER than nurses? I see like ten of them running around yelling orders and probably about two nurses lol. Severely inaccurate....
  10. by   Art_Vandelay
    I'm glad someone posted this because I haven't been online in quite some time, but I was going to post something along those lines specifically about Grey's Anatomy. I have watched other medical shows(House, Scrubs, ER), but Grey's Anatomy is the WORST in its portrayal of nurses...always putting them down and making them act as complete idiots. I can't stand it! Even though House has doctors completing nursing tasks, at least it doesn't put them down on a regular basis. Scrubs shows Carla and other nurses in a more positive position. Grey's...I started watching it only recently and it is truly awful. I hate to admit it, but I still like watching the show. :/
  11. by   mariebailey
    I don't always like how nurses are portrayed in the media. There used to be an organization of nurses dedicated to advocating for better representation of nurses, but I think they shut down shop. There was a time when I would send ABC emails complaining about Greys Anatomy's portrayal of nurses, but I later realized it was futile & stupid. As long as our educational standards don't require a 4 year degree, I think it will stay that way.
  12. by   beckyboo1
    You mistakenly think I really am that upset about it. I don't perpetuate any battle between nurses and docs. Where I work, we all get along pretty well. As far as television goes, I just made a comment, I don't sit around getting my blood pressure about it, I just think it's ridiculous. Let's not get too serious about the OP's post.
  13. by   anotherone
    ( more real than the medical soap operas ) i love to watch The Doctors because i find the main host, Dr. Travis Stork, to be pretty good looking, at least better than most drs i see in real life. if they cast all super hot doctors i would watch even more often.

    i doubt law and order is accurate portrayal of cops, lawyers, DAs, judges etc. ... the same detective who investigates a kidnapping in nyc also investigates international animal smuggling?????? lol i think not