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Has anyone applied for the Nova BSN program starting Jan 2010? If so, have you received any letters regarding the status of your application and when did you apply? What was your cummulative g.p.a and are you currently taking any pre-reqs? I applied mid August and still haven't received anything by mail. :(

I am in my first semester there now. My GPA was a 3.2 and they called me for the interview 2 or 3 days before they wanted me to come in, which was just a few months before school started. Be prepared to wait! I know how you feel and all Im gonna say is that they are very unorganized and the students are the last to know anything. I do think they just started interviewing this week though. (I know because our class is doing the tours) Good Luck!


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How long did you ohave to wait after applying before they called you?

I think it was like 2 or 3 months. I was in one of the last groups to be interviewed. And the acceptance letter takes just as long. I thought the interview was really stressful because im shy. But they ask like scenarios and what you would do and to put things in order of priority. They also ask why you chose Nova. Just a conversation really. But really just smile and ask questions about the school.

Wow! really 2 to 3 months and i thought i would have them reply in half the time. Have no other choice than to wait it out and hope for the best. You mentioned you think they started the interviews already? have there been alot of applicants so far? by the way thanks Mudflap_Marilyn for the info its been really helpful :D


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mudflap_marilyn thank you for the information,:up: really i was afraid that there may be a long waiting list or something. but my gpa is 3.4 and i have yet to complete micro biology so i am really praying that i will be able to get in by the fall of next year.:yeah:


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Quick question....Is Nova looking at your overall GPA or just the science GPA ?


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I am also in my first semester and I can tell you that everything is super disorganized. This can probably be attributed to the fact that our cohorts admissions counselor left Nova early in the process and we were kind of in the air until someone started to take things over. It looks like Nova is trying to increase the size of their classes and we were the first so things are a bit crazy because of that also. I can advise you all to be patient and to stay on top of things. Make copies of everything you turn in incase things get lost and don't be afraid to call and ask questions. Interviews just started and I overheard Monica say that they still have a lot of people to call and schedule. As far as the interview goes, expect to watch a video, write a short essay or paragraph about it, get a tour of HPD and then the actual interview. You will be asked standard fare questions like name some strengths/weaknesses, some scenarios where you need to determine whats priority and what isn't and then have the opportunity to ask questions. Nova I think is very fair in the admissions process. I believe that they actually look at more than just your GPA. I had a 3.0 (I had a lot of credits, 78 total), and had just changed majors so I was taking Human Growth and Dev, Physiology, Sociology and a Nutrition class at the time I sent in my application. I hadn't taken Anatomy or Microbiology. They still gave me a chance, so there is no reason that you won't get consideration. Its not all GPA, and honestly my GPA wasn't that strong in the sciences. I think they really consider your essay as well as your previous course work and interview. After that its just a matter of waiting, a lot of waiting. Once you receive your acceptance letters then begins the mayhem to get everything done by the deadlines: immunizations, payments, paperwork, financial aid, Baptist Scholars if you choose to do so etc. You can look forward to having Anatomy and Physiology (super hard, having a strong base in physiology is very important), an Intro to Nursing class, a med math class and a Nursing ethics type of class. I wish you all good luck, don't be nervous or stressed out, just stay on top of things.

I got an email that says the interviews will go through November 12th for you guys. Thought you guys might wanna know.


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Thank you I received that e-mail , I am going on October 24th


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hey all... I got a called today from Nova to tell me my interview is tomorrow at 8:30 am :( lets see how it goes. Have they called you?

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