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NP on Call with Overtime

Has 3 years experience.

Are there Nurse Practitioner positions in hospitals that work a 330pm to 1200am (evening) shift? And a potential for being on call to work overtime?

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

Specializes in APRN, Adult Critical Care. Has 27 years experience.

I haven't encountered an evening shift position in a hospital but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It seems like a good idea for an Emergency Medicine position as that is primetime for action in most ED's. Our shifts in the ICU (and most ICU's are similar) are 12 hour days or 12 hour nights. We have shift differentials for evening hours (3-11) and night hours (11-7) though 12 hour nights is 7P to 7A.

We have an on-call system to cover call-ins. The on-call NP receives half of the hourly rate for waiting 12 hours at home to get called. If you do get called to work, it's time and a half. There are opportunities for overtime if the units are busy and more NP's are needed.

Yes, I have seen positions recently that offer that shift... primarily hospitalist positions. I am not sure about the potential for being on call to work overtime

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I work inpatient and we get paid extra for call but it is part of our expected rotation so there isn't overtime involved.

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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I've recently applied for an ER position where its 3 12's either 0700-1900, 0900-2100 or 1200-0000.

As this is a level one trauma center (where I worked for 10 years as a staff RN), I would expect I could work as much OT as I want. lol


Specializes in Peds, Oncology. Has 4 years experience.

Our hospitalist group has that shift for NP's. Not sure about the OT.


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