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  1. nennydee

    New grad. Torn between two..ER or med/surg?

    I usually don't like telling people exactly what to do but go with the ER....especially since you actually enjoyed it. Most "new grad" anywhere will have their horror stories. If you enjoyed it, go for it. Don't even entertain the idea of Med-Surg because just like OldDude alluded to, it is quite difficult to transfer to another department from Med-Surg (besides another Med-Surg department) unless its done "internally" (within the same facility) and that isnt always a guarantee. Get your foot into the ER, if you decide its not for you after all, then at least you will have other options available to you based on your (ER) experience.
  2. nennydee

    FNP in hospitalist or internist role?

    I definitely agree with the above post! A lot of FNP programs don't adequately prepare you for the role of hospitalist. I think you would benefit most from an ACNP program. Keep in mind that some hospitalist positions might require you to round on ICU patients which would be out of your scope of practice as an FNP depending on where you practice.
  3. nennydee

    NP on Call with Overtime

    Yes, I have seen positions recently that offer that shift... primarily hospitalist positions. I am not sure about the potential for being on call to work overtime
  4. nennydee

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    DUSN08, Keep praying and please keep us posted... -all the best!
  5. nennydee

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I normally don't comment but I had to testify! Put your mind to rest...the Pearson Vue Trick WORKS!!! I have to admit I was highly skeptical. I took the exam on Mon, Jan 25th and walked out of there after 75 questions with complete certainty that I had failed. I had no idea what I had really clicked on all 75 questions...rushed home and did the trick and got the lucky pop-up. I was still very skeptical. I was sure I would be the first case of the trick not working. Fast forward to today about an 1 hr and 50 mins ago....lo and behold...I PASSED!!! :monkeydance:I know it's not as official as the quickresults but it should be a good sign of consolation for the torturous 48 hours in between. I'm hoping those who are waiting and still to take the test the best of luck. To :bowingpurGod be ALL the glory.