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Just out of curosity :confused:...I plan on working as an NP when I retire(53 y/o) from the Fire Dept.,I was wondering what the average age was for all the NP's Out there?? If you are age sensitive or feel insulted in some way, please don't reply...:D

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I just graduated as an NP and I'll be 48 in 2 weeks..;)


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39 have been np for 6 years


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I'm in the fire dept also. I've worked as an emergency nurse for several years and starting NP school in August. I'm 42. I still have twelve more years in the FD, so I guess I'll do both, as I don't plan on giving up the FD retirement. I plan to work part-time ER.

PM me if you have any other questions. Best wishes to you in your studies.

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No offense whatsoever. I'm 50 and have been an APN for 3 years. I have been a volunteer pre-hospital RN for 10 years on my rural fire dept - no pension though - lol.


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age 52 and have been practicing since 1987 as FNP


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:yeah:Thank you for the replies..I'm currently in a BSN program and looking towards the future...I was also wondering if any NP's are working Part time say 24-32hrs week, as it may be possible for me to do both FD/NP..If you are working part time please tell me what specialty...Again thankyou in advance!!

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Nephrology - dialysis visits might be an option. We have 5 mid-levels in our practice and two do part time dialysis visits.

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I'll be 28 when I graduate next year. I plan on taking on a FT position for the first few years, then going PT cuz my hubby and I are thinking kids are in our future. ;)

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Age 34, just graduated with FNP.

Accepted part-time (32 hours as that was what I was looking for) in primary care peds. Also offered part-time in OB-GYN and Internal Med. Don't worry (as I did-obviously unnecessarily) there are part-time positions out there!


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I'm 58 and will probably graduate this year as an np. There are several in my class who are 62.

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I am 32 years old and have been an NP for one year. I personally feel age is irrelevant to how clinically competent a provider may be. I don't have any age preference for providers that take care of long as they know what they are doing. :)

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