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Now I understand why nurses leave?


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Im a brand new nurse, graduated in May, I was excited and ready to take on the nursing world. I had heard of burnout and "nurses eating there young", but I was determined to keep my head up and look forward no matter what. I was lucky enough to land a job in the ED. I asked for 2 additional weeks of orientation and know I feel Im getting my ass handed to me unfairly. I must say I love, love nursing, I love taking care of my patient, I love the look of my patients when I give them a warm blanket or relieve them from their pain. I love making people comfortable when they cant take care of themselves. THE problem is the older burnt out, disgruntled nurses that try to make it harder for the newbies............Why? I ask, Im in my forties, I dont get involved in the politics, Im not viving for a spot in the lime light, as Ive observed from some nurses, and I dont do cliques. I feel like I can do this job, but dont know if I can take at this facility..............I want to stay, just to prove to myself that I can endure.............BUT is it necessary. I am considering leaving, I hate feeling this way.............this sucks really bad. Lord help me.:sniff:


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some people are just jerks and you'll find some of those everywhere. Just stay true to yourself and your knowledge, and it will be okay!

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This is going to be every where you go. Just do what you do and it will get to where it doesnt' bother you anymore, or at least, not as much. I felt like you before but now I just take it with a grain of salt. This will pass, just hang in there.

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i'm a new grad still (almost done with a year of nursing) and new to the ed. i started med surg and notified that the eat-your-young mentality is no different in the ed then in med surg. a few nurses tried to eat-me in my new work environment (the er) and found out quickly i that i taste bad (i grew nursing thingies working in med surg)!

what i am trying to say is at some point you will see that the positive things about your nursing and that those positive things are what you need to focus on when other nurses are trying to beat you down! plus, notice that the nurses trying to eat you are not all-that!!! they make mistakes and some will actually fall on their faces in front of you. the only reason they try to mess with you is to distract others from their pathetic excuse for nursing skills and judgment.... think about it... they are like bullies in elementary school.

bullies have a lot to hide so they pick on a weak person to either make themselves feel better or to distract others from their flaws! do not let them bully you any longer. see them for what they are and stand up for your self! once you do it and gain a reputation that you will not put up with their mess, you will no longer be a tasty new grad!! trust me... i see the nurses messing with the others all the time... i get different treatment. i am not saying that i do not get gossiped about... but i do not get flat out disrespected to my face or in front of my patients any more! gl!


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MBARN08, I am starting to see this now.

I had a similar experience at the place that I worked recently. I worked at an institution as an LPN while I went to school to become an RN. When I finally got my license, I got a promotion too. As fate would have it one of the NM's saw that I was doing a fairly decent job at "managing" my work. She required that I stay over (12- 14 hrs/ day, 5 days/week, as I was only supposed to work 8hr shifts.) and finish benign tasks at her order and threats of "a writeup". I received no overtime or compensation for all those extra hours that I put in. ( I think the correct term is Administrative Time, that she said that I would never be able to take.) She belittled me saying harsh and untrue things about me to the other staff. (What a suprise.)She made sure I was doing my assigned work, AS WELL as her work too. When I began to falter and eventually "crashed" under all of all the "ADDED" work, I was called into the Medical Directors office and "railroaded" for 3 hours over not being able to get my tasks done, and when I began to offer an excuse as to why I couldn't get my work done, she was also brought into the meeting so that she could tell me that I was an "embarrassment to nursing and the department", and that she "had a business to run". During my short time there as an RN and dealing with her, I often questioned my decision of going on to get my RN. But then I stood up and put my "big girl" panties on, telling myself that I am a good nurse, then and now. Be wary of what I call "barracudas" like this one. I have since quit that institution, and I am now quite happy on a med surg floor of a local hospital. Keep on nursing for our patients.


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Sorry to tell you this but you are going to find nurses that will make you work life horrible. The most you can do is do you job and care for your pts. I've changed shifts before to get away from the drama/politics and I was so much happier on the new shift. That is something to look at different shifts have different personalities. :twocents: