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Hello everyone!

I have my interview for tomorrow at the Miami Campus. I received a phone call from Diana and she told me the Miami Campus was already full. Did anyone who will be interviewing tomorrow receive that call as well? I was a little bummed out because I wanted to start in the Fall. She told me I could attend the Fort Myers campus, but that is too far for me. Therefore, if I get accepted I would start in the Winter. I am a little nervous about tomorrow, I really want to get into NSU. I have applied to another school, but NSU is my top choice. I have been reading everyone's comments and honestly I really have no advice to ask, since everyone has pretty much has covered the basics. So, thank you all for the comments and congratulations to everyone who got accepted. For those who have an interview tomorrow, best of luck and I hope to see you there!


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Hey everyone I thought it would be nice to meet everyone on orientation, who is going to the Miami campus? :yes:

Hey everyone ! I just took the Kaplan and had my interview today at the Miami Campus. I'm so nervous í ½í¸ I can't wait to see if I get in or not


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Good luck! Hope they accept you!

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Hi everyone! I have a question about what you do after you pay your deposit, and stuff. So after you pay it, I got an email saying thank you for your payment etc, then I got another email saying it was processed. Both emails have a 6 digit confirmation number but it does not say it is the PIN for the background check, so will I get a different email with instructions for doing the background check? And do we have to pay for the background check?


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It should say background check code and pin in the email. And in the same email they give you a website to go to. Also you don't pay for that. Hope this helps!


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Hey all, I am a 6th semester student (Davie campus) in the program. I remember going through the same process as all of you and I surely do not miss it lol. However, if you have any questions about the program I'll be glad to answer!


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To everyone applying for Winter 2017,I added a new group on here called : Nova Entry Level BSN Winter 2017 so that you can stay updated! Good luck!


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Hi qwright12. You said you reviewed a call from an admissions coordinator regarding your acceptance. How did you know where to go to pay a deposit? Have you already receive your letter or was it an email? If so, How long did it your letter take?

I had my interview on the 14th, and I called yesterday asking for an update. I was told I have been accepted but there was some confusion of my start date since fall was full. They told me my letter should have all the details. I'm not sure how long the letter will take since im currently living in Virginia. Anyone else have this issue?


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Nice to meet you novashark and thank you for offering your help! It would be great help if you answered a few questions for me. Can you send me your email? :yes:

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Hi Bianacathomas, At first I contacted Judy Perkel about my admissions status, she said I was accepted, and then I got a call from Diana Gardner the next day also telling me I was accepted. I also got my package in the mail that same day with my official acceptance letter and info about paying the deposit and such. My interview was on the 7th, and I heard back the following Tuesday, so exactly a week. I live in the Fort Lauderdale area, so I might have gotten my letter quicker, but my letter did say for Fall 2016, so your letter should specify when you are accepted for. I would call and ask to speak to someone, are you for the main campus too?

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