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Hi novashark! I was wondering if you could answer some general questions for me? What kinda of shoes are we allowed to wear? Like does it have to be a specific color or type for clinical and class/lab? And what kind of bag do you thing is best to carry everything we need? And do you think working during nursing school is possible? What is a typical week like for you at school? Sorry for all of the questions, but Thank you. :yes:


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Hello everyone I'm applying to the January 2017 term and just wanted to know if anyone from your term got accepted with a 3.0?? That's my gpa and I'm a little nervous to even apply...

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Hi melissah416, I know people who had a 3.0 and got in!

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Hi qwright12!

Well as for the uniform, you'll need white leather sneakers or nursing clogs for clinical and lab. As of now, we're supposed to wear white shoes to class but they might change that for fall. Any kind of bookbag/large purse is fine for class. No one really uses wheeled bookbags regardless of what many people say. They're just a hassle to deal with. All you'll really need for class is your laptop to take notes. Some professors want students to bring their books, but it's not really necessary honestly.

As for working during the program: the first day they're going to tell everyone to quit their job lol. Some people do work, but it's difficult to find a job that is flexible for our school schedule, especially when you start clinicals. Most semesters you'll be at school/clinical monday-friday until 4pm. In the later semesters, clinicals are from 6:45am-6:15pm so there really is not much time.

Explaining a typical week really depends on each semester. Honestly, every semester is tough but some are more overwhelming than others. There are weeks where I have no schoolwork to do and others where there aren't enough hours in the week to keep up. There will be times that you'll want to quit, but you just have to remember that the school saw potential in you and chose you out of hundreds of applicants. At least, that's what has gotten me through those bad days.

It's gonna be kinda hard to adjust at first because it takes over a large portion of your time and you'll feel like you have no life outside of nursing school. However, as time goes on you'll adjust and get used to it.

Best of luck! :)


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Thanks so much for your pointers! I see a recurring theme of "just brush up on a and p"

I'm interviewing 6/28 at the Ft. Lauderdale campus. Was each portion of the exam about equivalent in length?


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Which campus did you interview at? I've got my interview for Fall 16 on this tue 6/28.

FRom what I've read, the interview is no longer group-style. Can you confirm that?



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Hi cristygonzalez6,

I just had my interview on Tuesday and basically like everyone has been saying they just want to know what you would do in situations. They ask a few scenario questions like what you would do if you saw a classmate cheating, etc. They may ask to tell them about yourself. Don't worry everyone is nice and try to make you feel comfortable. Good luck!!! :)


I have my interview this tuesday for the Ft Lauderdale campus! Thanks for the tips! I'm wondering about what to wear....any advice? Skirt suit? or Modest business Dress with Dress jacket?

Also, do you think it would be beneficial to bring a copy or two of my resume and references? Like, did you ever feel that an opportunity arose at the interview where it would be good to have them on hand?



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@wevelazquez glad to hear it all went will. Did they tell your group when you could expect to hear back? How people showed up on your interview day if you don't mind me asking? They told us we would hear something back in about a week or two. The wait is the hardest part. Good luck to you! Crossing fingers we both get good news :)


What did you wear to the interview? What did most girls wear? Details appreciated! Im trying to figure out mine at the moment. Interview is Tuesday!



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Congrats! Im interviewing for the main campus tuesday!

What did your interview outfit look like?


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I am so sorry! I just saw your post ajayne17! I hope your interview went well! Please keep us updated!

hey everyone just wondering when you are giving conversion/dosage problems on the math section. do they give you the conversion on the computer.... for example 1gm=1,000 milligrams . or they don't give that info in the problem?


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Hello novashark,

Thank you for offering your help. Can you please send me your email, I will be starting in the fall and I have some questions.

Thank You