Not worried about clinicals? Anyone else?


I'm starting second semester next week, which is my first clinical semester. I'm really not worried or scared at all. Ironically, this worries me! =) One of my profs was talking about how it's SOO normal to be scared etc and that if you weren't then that would be strange. Was anyone else not worried about it? I just know that I'm going to do the best I can and don't expect to be perfect right off the bat. I know that doing my best is as good as it gets. What do you all think? Were you not scared or worried and then became that way when you got in to it?


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I wasn't nervous or scared last semester at my first clinicals UNTIL I had to go into my first patient's room for the first time. I suddenly got very nervous. My instructor saw me and walked me through it. Since then I have been ok.

I think you have a great attitude! Sometimes I think people actually talk themselves into being nervous!


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I was like that for my cna class....I wasnt nervous as all until I walked in my first patients room....then I drew a blank! The second day was better, I was over being nervous.

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I wasn't nervous about clinicals but like eveyone else said as soon as I walked into the room I forgot what to do and all I had to do was make the bed. lol. I swear it took me about 15 mins and I had to go back to the linen closet three times because I kept dropping stuff. After that it was smooth sailing. Don't be nervous and jump right in. Clinical instructors are usually pretty flexable with how you act in the facility the first couple of days.

Good luck.


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Thanks everyone! Nice to know I'm not strange. =)


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I had my first clinical experience last semester, and I was reasonably nervous. I wasn't nervous about meeting my first patient- just an overall feeling of being scared to do something I had never done before. In the end, it was great. My first patient couldn't have been any nicer, and she was very thankful for the little things I did for her (not much to speak of really). I made sure to write down a little bit about my first day and my first patient, so that I can look back on it years from now and have a little laugh. Good luck to you! The funny thing is, that everything you learned in class REALLY does come to you, and somehow, you know what you need to do!

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think about it, by this time, you've been through clinical before. As long as you are confident and can assess, give meds, and get your skills down...give good care, and you're fine. It's when you're overly scared the pts get nervous....

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I was a bit nervous prior to the start of clinicals this quarter, but when I actually started with the patient I wasn't nervous---I was so busy and focused on what I was doing that I really didn't have time to think and worry! So I don't think you're abnormal.

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I was normally at ease until right before going to provide care.

What worked for me is to go into the patient's room, introduce myself and make a quick visual assessment of the pt and inventory the room. Is there a basin to provide a bed bath if needed, soap, toothpaste/brush, linens does the pt have an extra blanket, does the pt have a more pressing need than AM care (pain, hunger ...)? This practice seems to put me and the pt at ease and ensures that I am the most prepared when I return to provide care.

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I start clinicals in a couple of weeks. I'm not at all worried because I have confidence in myself. I've learned many different skills in my life and I'm sure I can learn these, too.

That said, I am 'nervous' but only in the sense of being extra careful and attentive. I am not afraid nor concerned about it; I just don't want to be overconfident.

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I wasn't nervous at all. Maybe because of my medical background and having a lot of patient contact in all different aspects. I was a tad "butterflies in the belly" when i knew a skill I had pretty much perfected would be watched by my instructor. My instructor knew I was nervous about having an "audience" and made me feel very at east..I ACED that skill with her watching

Its "normal" to be nervous and its just as "normal" not to be nervous :)

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