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I will be taking my RN Nclex on September 8th. I have already began studying and doing online questions. If you have RECENTLY taken the NCLEX what meds come to mind that I should focus on? Do you have to identify sounds using headphones? I heard that rumor but don't know if it's true. Any other pointers that you can think of would be greatly appreciated!



I had to identify sounds (I took mine two weeks ago), and wore the noise-canceling headphones the rest of the time. I didn't get any alternate format questions except one "select all that apply".

No way to tell what type of questions or what they will be about. Some people get no med questions at all, while others do. Best to be prepared for anything and everything. Good luck.

I had a combo lung sound/med question. It gave me the sound and asked which med would be the priority. But it's like they said, be prepared for whatever.

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please remember not to actually mention what drugs you got on your exam as it could be used against you as a violation of the confidential agreement you signed, this goes along with anything else you received on your exam

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