Watts school of nursing - spring 2018 - page 7

Hey all! I was wondering how many of you will be applying to Watts for the spring 2018 term. I will be taking my hesi on the 25th of September and then will be submitting the rest of my... Read More

  1. by   QuinnRN20
    Yay! Congrats! See you in January next year!
  2. by   Tmonet21
    Hi everyone!! Has anyone started the actual nursing program and what tips could you give? Thanks in advance!!
  3. by   QuinnRN20
    Most of us here don't start until January 2019.
  4. by   Tmonet21
    Thanks for replying. I take my hesi test in September and I plan on having my application submitted by the end of October.
  5. by   QuinnRN20
    You'll probably start with the next Cohort in Fall of 2019 since you'll have to take the required courses with University of Mount Olive once you get accepted. The partnership with UMO and Watts requires you to complete 19 credit hours with UMO, no matter what. Once you get accepted, you'll most likely start your UMO classes in January 2019. Of course it depends on how many prereqs you actually need. 19 hrs is the minimum you are required to take with UMO. You may have to take more classes depending on your individual situation.
  6. by   Tmonet21
    Thanks!! Do y'all out have any tips for the hesi test?
  7. by   QuinnRN20
    It's math and English so brush up on your basic algebra and you should be fine. The English is mostly definitions and how to use words in proper context.
  8. by   Tmonet21
    Thanks so much!! This was helpful!
  9. by   BlueGirl17
    Hi everyone I took the HESI on June 23 and I passed with 84% . I am sending my package on Monday 7/30. I will touch base with the coordinator a week from tomorrow and then I have to just wait for the background check form. I hope to get good news by the end of August. I don't mind taking the 19 credits at UMO. It is what it is. I hope to start the prerequisites in January 2019 and start the nursing classes in Fall 2019.
  10. by   Tmonet21
    That's great!!! I hope to start prerequisites in January as well and start in August 2019.
  11. by   BlueGirl17
    I received an email and call that my application documents have been received from them. I will be informed of any missing items,which I hope is not the case. By the end of this week,I should receive an email link to the criminal background form to do online. I will get it done and submit on the same day I receive it with the fee. Staying in faith.
  12. by   Tmonet21
    That's awesome! I'll be right behind you and yes stay in faith!!
  13. by   BlueGirl17
    Hello everyone, I received the link for the criminal background check form. I had 48 hours to complete it and pay the fee. I finished it and sent the form along with the fee an hour ago. I'm sure my record is clean. Now it's time to wait again. It looks like everything is going well so far with the process.