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  1. dicedtomatoes

    Watts school of nursing - spring 2018

    Hey guys! I just thought I should update you with my hesi scores!! Reading Comp: 94% Vocab: 92% Grammar: 82% Math: 86% Now to get everything submitted!
  2. dicedtomatoes

    Watts school of nursing - spring 2018

    I would love to know how easy the calculator was to use on the screen. Also anything in metrics's or temperate? I hear it's mostly fractions and decimals I'll be worrying about. Math is what I'm defiantly not confident in which is why I gave myself so long to study xD It's so awesome you did well and I hope to be in your class starting in January!
  3. dicedtomatoes

    Watts school of nursing - spring 2018

    GOOD LUCK! I would love to know how the test ends up going for you! I did not see a cut off date. I have a friend who went to Watts a few years ago who told me she turned her application in the first week of November and still got into the January semester so I think we will be good! :)
  4. Hey all! I was wondering how many of you will be applying to Watts for the spring 2018 term. I will be taking my hesi on the 25th of September and then will be submitting the rest of my application when I get my results back. Does this seem like an okay time frame to apply to the January semester? Any advice is welcomed and much needed!

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