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Hey all!

I was wondering how many of you will be applying to Watts for the spring 2018 term. I will be taking my hesi on the 25th of September and then will be submitting the rest of my application when I get my results back. Does this seem like an okay time frame to apply to the January semester?

Any advice is welcomed and much needed!

I am taking my HESI A2 tomorrow! i am hoping it goes well, Im all kinds of nervous as I am an older student. If it goes well, Id like to start in January also! I didnt see a cut off date written anywhere, did you?

GOOD LUCK! I would love to know how the test ends up going for you!

I did not see a cut off date. I have a friend who went to Watts a few years ago who told me she turned her application in the first week of November and still got into the January semester so I think we will be good! :)

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There is no cut-off date for Watts. They accept as they fill cohorts. I think the cap is 50/cohort.

Hi DicedTomatoes!

I took my HESI last night. If you take it in Raleigh be prepared to be prepared! the testing center is super strict .Im talking, they use a wand to scan you like at the airport and you have to turn out your pockets! I had to take off my necklace and your purse goes in a locker. I was there prob 3.5hrs. I did the volcab first then comprehension. I took a while on comp. because of all the reading, but I scored high on that. Grammar was next the math last. I wasn't prepared for the math to have "fill in the blanks" but there they were mixed in with some multiple choices. I may have been able to do better on the math but honestly it was late, the screen was set to a dull bright and my eyes were bugging out.

my scores were: reading comp. 90%

Grammar. 80%

Volcab. 86%

so thats a composite score of 85.3% (we need 75 to apply)

and Math was 78% ( we only need a 70%). again I could have done better if I didnt put it last I think.

The scores automatically go to the school .

SO now I gather my references and mail out all paper work next week. If i can answer any questions, let me know!

Hi all I took my hesi 2 in May of this year. Pretty easy if you study. I'm going to apply also for January. I just finished my essay today and will gather everything together so I can send off my paperwork next week. Good luck to everyone. Hope we can all keep in touch.

I would love to know how easy the calculator was to use on the screen. Also anything in metrics's or temperate? I hear it's mostly fractions and decimals I'll be worrying about. Math is what I'm defiantly not confident in which is why I gave myself so long to study xD

It's so awesome you did well and I hope to be in your class starting in January!

The calculator on the screen to the right. Just one click and you have it there to use. The math is mostly measurements and if you remember how to get percentages than you'll be fine. It's not bad at all. Good luck I'm sure you'll do great.

I think the time frame depends on you! There isn't an application due date; it's open enrollment, so they accept applications all year! I took my HESI the last week of August and got a 96% overall. 100% on math, 96% on vocab, 94% on grammar, and 96% on reading comp. I talked to admissions and she is very informative if you want to contact. She said once you turn everything in and the background check is sent to you then your acceptance just depends on how long it takes you to complete the paper work! If you need to defer your application or do not think you have enough time to get everything together for the January start, admissions said you can defer once. There is a start date in summer too, if you don't think you'll have enough time.

Hope you do well on your HESI! It is very basic information, so I'm sure you'll do fine!

Good work on the Hesi. Good luck to you hope to see you in the spring!

Hi all! All of my paperwork should be in and I sent in my background check about 3 weeks ago, so I'm anxiously awaiting a response!

Good luck! I'm turning my paperwork in this week. Keep us posted!

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