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Hey all! I was wondering how many of you will be applying to Watts for the spring 2018 term. I will be taking my hesi on the 25th of September and then will be submitting the rest of my... Read More

  1. by   Dialysistech7943
    I am applying to WSON for the Fall semester of 2018. I recently applied to the Wake Tech Nursing Program but did not get accepted. I have been reading about Watts School of Nursing online, and from the comments I've read on this site, the admissions process seems less stressful than most school's ADN programs. I see that they accept students even before pre-reqs?? I have all my nursing pre-reqs completed but I still need to take my HESI. This school accepts applicants based on the essay and references more so than the grades and GPA. I think I have a better chance of getting into this school. I am super nervous! Anyone out there applying to the Fall program? If I already completed pre-reqs at another school does that mean I won't have to retake them?
  2. by   QuinnRN20
    Watts works in partnership with University of Mount Olive. You are required to take 18 credit hours at UMO before beginning the nursing diploma program at Watts. If you are just now applying, you most likely will begin your 18 credit hours with UMO in the fall of 2018 and begin the nursing program with Watts in the spring of 2019. There are benefits to this even if you already have your prereqs from another school. If you already have all of the classes required by Watts, you can fulfill your 18 hours at UMO by taking classes that will apply towards your BSN once you graduate from the Watts Diploma program in nursing. It's important to know that you will have a diploma from Watts and an Associate's Degree in Health Sciences from UMO. Once you get your RN licensure, you can apply to attend the UMO online program for a Bachelor's in Nursing. The amount of classes to get your degree will be shortened by the 18 hours you have already taken. All classes at UMO for the nursing program are taken online.
  3. by   lesliefritz
    Hey! I am new to this site! But I have learned a lot by reading everyone's posts, so THANK YOU. I have also applied to Watts and sent in my background check. Did anyones background check have a deadline due date on it for January 2nd? If so, has anyone heard anything back. I am also anxiously waiting like a kid on christmas. This determines my future! Hope I get to meet some of you!
  4. by   QuinnRN20
    My background check had a due date of December 20th and I still haven't heard anything from the School. I did get a copy of the results in the mail after about two weeks though. This let me know that the school also had the results. Be patient. As I understand it, the process takes a bit of time. On another note, you and I might end up being in the same class! :-)
  5. by   SocialWorkertoRN
    I'm hoping to be in the Fall 2018 admissions as well! I'm a second degree student so I have all of the pre-requisites so it is frustrating to have to do 18 units at UMO, but oh well. It is what it is! I think it's worth it for the reputation, employment rates, and NCLEX pass rates that Watt's has. Good luck to all of you! I hope we all get good news this Spring.
  6. by   QuinnRN20
    Still waiting to hear from Watts regarding my acceptance. Had a little hiccup with missing copies of transcripts that had to be reordered, but the admissions advisor has been great on keeping me updated when something was needed. Has anyone else heard anything yet? Good luck to those starting school next week!
  7. by   RNn2020
    Thanks @QuinnRN20! I'm sure you'll hear something very soon if you haven't already. Good luck to everyone that's applied it's a long process and it seems like takes forever I know but you'll get that acceptance letter very soon.
  8. by   lesliefritz
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday! I start at UMO in June of 2018 with a Watts starting date of January 2019! Has anyone else heard anything?
  9. by   QuinnRN20
    Hey There! I received my letter a few weeks ago. UMO starts in June and Watts Jan 2019. We'll be classmates! Congratulations!
  10. by   vern84
    Hey all, I'm patiently (not so much!) waiting to hear back from Watts. I submitted my application a few weeks ago, then got the background check letter that I sent back in. I got the results of that in the mail yesterday. I was wondering if you all got a letter in the mail regarding acceptance or was it an email? Hoping to start pre-req's at UMO June 2018. Thanks!!
  11. by   QuinnRN20
    I got an email regarding acceptance and it came 2 -3 weeks after notice of background check results that I received in the mail. Hope this gives you a better idea of timeline. Good luck!
  12. by   vern84
    Thank you so much! That definitely helps....fingers crossed!
  13. by   vern84
    Got my acceptance email yesterday! Start UMO in June 2018 and nursing classes Jan 2019. Looking forward to meeting some classmates!