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Hello everyone. I currently live in NJ and am planning on moving to Mooresville NC. I knew that my pay would be lower moving south, but I just got a quote from a hospital $18.60 an hour. I... Read More

  1. by   WolfpackRed
    I would suggest, as another poster stated, to look at the larger hospital systems like UNC, DUKE, Wake Forest, Forsyth Med (Novant Health Group). These are paying new grads ~$20 per hour without diffs. Or look into the VA medical centers at Durham, Salisbury, Fayetteville. The VA is highly competitive in pay, often above what you would get in the public sector.

    I cannot believe that they would offer you that little money with experience.
  2. by   tanita
    Hello everybody,
    I have a contract with Novant health care and the salary is 20$/h for orientation period (12 weeks) in neuro unit . Does onyone know how much will they pay afterwards?
    Thank you.
  3. by   gitterbug
    I think COL is very expensive in NC. Daughter is always c/o high cost of certain foods, like potatoes. Rent, utilities, and school fees are expensive too.
  4. by   TNUp2Jen
    Quote from owura143
    They say the cost of living is lower. The truth is that it's really not, unless one was living around time square in ny where accomodation is very high. THe pay down here is horrible and working condiitons too. Imagine sometimes taking 3 patients at a neuro ICU, plus no secretary so one would have to be entering orders , plus no cna to help. Horrible! All this for $19?
    Cost of Living IS lower here in NC....

    From http://inflationdata.com/Inflation/C...Calculator.asp

    "The cost of living in Raleigh is lower than the cost of living in Newark. If you make $100,000.00 in Newark and move to Raleigh, you will only need to make $79,400.46 ($20,599.54 less) to maintain the same buying power."

    I plugged in all cities listed for both NJ and NC and it came down to the same thing every time - NC has a lower cost of living no matter what city you choose.

    For example: My 1300 sq. foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a suburb of Raleigh, NC cost $116,900. Find THAT anywhere up north. I'm originally from Boston, where the house I grew up in (that was bought in 1994 for roughly $300,000) is again selling for $750,000. I moved to NC from Florida, where the COL has tripled in the past 10 years.

    NC is getting to be a hot spot now too - Raleigh-Durham tops the list as one of the "Best Places to Live" for a number of reasons. Google it yourself.
  5. by   TNUp2Jen
    Also -

    New Grad salary at Rex Hospital in Raleigh

    Base: ~ $20 an hour
    Evening Diff: $3.50/hour
    Night Diff: $5.00/hour
    Weekend: $10/hour

    Do the math - A new grad can make up to $35 an hour if he/she works Friday or Saturday nights...not too shabby in a place where you can buy a house for under $150,000.....
  6. by   Jules Anne

    Thanks for the link and the info!
  7. by   misswoosie
    Quote from tracyprn
    Hello everyone.

    I currently live in NJ and am planning on moving to Mooresville NC. I knew that my pay would be lower moving south, but I just got a quote from a hospital $18.60 an hour. I have 9 years critical care experience. If anyone could help me get a better idea of what my hourly rate would be with this experience I would be soooo gratefeul. I am having a hard time with hosptials giving me salary ranges. I make $35.00 hour in NJ. I don't want to go much below 30.00/hr to have the same responsibilies at work. PLEASE HELP. We were planning on buying a home this week!!Thanks Tracy
    Hi Tracey
    I wonder which hospital quoted you this?
    I am in England waiting to come to NC and have been offered a job at Northeast medical center in Concord which is east of Mooresville (AROUND 30 MINS). I found there benefits and pay to better than Lake Norman Medical center and I was actually warned off working at LNMC by someone who was a nurse.
    The cost of living is lower in the Charlotte area than Raleigh/Durham.
    As someone else said the cost of living In NC is lower than the US average.
    http:// www.bestplaces.net

    Good Luck!
  8. by   meandragonbrett
    WakeMed has a new float pool that they've started. Very nice compensation as well as benefits. Requires 1 year of experience.
  9. by   PrivateDuty
    To be quite honest....the pay in NC sucks!
  10. by   sbjohnson
    I just called around locally here in the Asheville area:

    Haywood Regional Medical Center: $19.80
    Mission Hospital: $20.90 ($25 Per Diem)
    CarePartners: $23-$27
    STAT Nursing (Agency): $26-$30
    Interim Healthcare (Agency): $26-$32
  11. by   enfermera1
    Tracy try the VA hospital In Salibury. They are expanding a lot of services and they are actively hiring. The pay and benefits are pretty good.
  12. by   nurseuback
    I live in Newport News VIrginia and starting pay for an RN where I work is 20.25 hr, 8.00 night shift differential , no extra for weekends. I can't see myself making anylower. The benefits are great. You can get insurance for a family for 210.00 a month and that includes medical, dental and vision insurance. Sentara pays 196.00 every two weeks. Does anyone know of any hospitals in Raleigh that do that. I'm going to miss my jobs here in Virginia.
  13. by   tonybloni
    Do You Think Nursing Salaries In This Area Will Improve To Attract Nurses From Other Areas Of The Country? I Live In Ca And It Seems Like An Insult To Me That A Nurse Would Make The Same Or Less Than A Bartender, For The Work We Do. The Reason I Ask Is That My Wife And I Are Looking To Relocate, And It Seems Like All Other Areas Of The Us Pay Much Less Than Ca. I Understand The Cost Of Living Is Much Higher Here, But There Is Such A Dramatic Diff In Pay.