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  1. Jules Anne

    Finally a job offer

    Congrats! Typically they'll have already done your background and reference checks prior to making the offer so they'd only rescind if you don't pass the pre employment drug screen.
  2. Hello, I'm going to be moving back home to MI this spring and have been contacted by a recruiter to work at Select Specialty in Ann Arbor. I'm not all that familiar with this company and understand that they are Long Term Acute Care but I don't really know what kind of patients would be in that category. My background is Cardiac Progressive Care (CHF, pre/post CABG, pre/post PCI, arrhythmias, vasoactive gtts, all that jazz) and I wonder how LTAC would compare to my current experience. Any information or opinions on Select Specialty or LTAC in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Julie
  3. Jules Anne

    How much I'm REALLY worth ;-)

    I think it's just a vent to others in healthcare who may feel under-appreciated for all that we do to improve peoples health and lives. I have always found these boards to be a safe environment in which to share feelings of frustration or feelings of joy that those who do not work in our field may not be able to understand.
  4. Jules Anne

    My first RN position, my first hospital job, HELP!

    I have been a preceptor for quite a few new grads and I'll tell you what I do with and expect from my orientees. I let them shadow me the first day and let them see the flow on the unit and how I manage my time. Then I start them out with 1 or 2 patients to let them start getting the hand of their own flow and time management and advance them to more patients as appropriate. Throughout the day, I ask them lots of questions about the meds they are giving, what responses they expect to see from the patients, other critical thinking questions. I also expect that they will know about the meds that they are giving and the procedures/tests that they are prepping patients for/sending pts to or that they will look these up independently prior to giving the med/getting the patient ready. If it is a time crunch (example getting pt ready for an emergent cath/CABG) I just jump in with them to get the pt ready and explain to both my orientee and the pt as we go and discuss it more in depth with my orientee afterward. Your preceptor will probably do the same with you. If you don't get this kind of feedback/interaction from your precptor, talk to your preceptor about your needs and if the situation doesn't improve, ask your manager for a new preceptor. It's your job, your license and ultimately the health of your patients-protect them. If you want to set yourself up for success, I recommend getting very familiar with the meds that are common on your floor and the lab/procedure results that you will be seeing often. Also don't be afraid to ask questions! For the safety of your license and the safety of your patients, ask anytime you are unsure of something. Even if you are at the end of orientation or off orientation and it's a med/procedure you aren't comfortable with, ask for your preceptor or another nurse to come in a double check behind you. I still do this and I've been a nurse for years and have precepted many new nurses. Best of luck!
  5. Jules Anne

    Best Hospitals to work in Hampton Roads Area

    Check out this link for a list of hospitals in the area with links to their websites. http://hamptonroads.com/2010/02/hospitals-hampton-roads I work for a Sentara location and per their "social media policy" I can't say anything about them in a public forum. You can send me a private message if you have any specific questions about them. Good luck with your job search and relocation!
  6. Jules Anne

    Yes, Michigan!!!

    Good luck!
  7. Jules Anne

    Licensing advice please!

    I would have your nclex result verified to MI. That would most likely be faster than waiting for your current state licensure and then verification of that license to MI for MI to take 6-8 weeks to process. GL!
  8. Jules Anne

    I really need advise

    Trust your instincts!
  9. Jules Anne

    moving in 6-9 months; would you accept new position?

    I think you should go for it. Since you are wanting to leave med/surg, it would be good to have some experience in another area so that when you apply to other hospitals, you have a bit of an edge. Good luck on your decision!
  10. Jules Anne

    Nursing in Atlanta

    You might get more responses if you post this in the Georgia forum. Good Luck!
  11. Jules Anne

    Do you put seasonal work on your resume?

    Definitely include the clinic jobs and highlight the differences between them on your resume to show that you have gained different types of experience. A good website for job hunting/resume writing tips is hosted by a nurse entrepreneur, Donna Cardillo. Just google her name to get to her site. Good luck!
  12. Congrats to you on graduating and obtaining your license! One of the girls I graduated from nursing school with has worked at Henry Ford-Macomb since we finished school. She likes it pretty well and said that they have good benefits. My advice to you is to apply, apply, apply and then when you get your interviews, just ask to shadow on each potential unit. The hospital may be great overall but have some units that aren't in great shape or just might not be the right fit for you. Shadowing will help you to figure those things out. Good Luck!
  13. Jules Anne

    Norfolk General - 12 hr shifts

    It depends on the unit. My floor does "self-scheduling" and generally no one has to work 3 in a row unless that is their preference. I recommend talking with the manager of the unit(s) you are interested in to ask how they handle scheduling.
  14. Jules Anne

    Advice to soon to be or current students

    Great tip and very true! I graduated in '07 and those of us who had worked as externs or aides had secured jobs within their respective facilities prior to graduating and taking NCLEX.
  15. Jules Anne

    OU Nursing vs. UMich Nursing

    Having scholarships really helps with school. I chose to attend a less-prestigious school because I was offered a full ride and not having to worry about working as much gave me time to really study and focus on school. Nursing school is a lot about what you put into it. Good luck!
  16. Jules Anne

    Please help with Nursing Interview Questions!

    [quote name='RN I refer to that site often. Glad to have helped!