Relocating to Raleigh,NC ***Need Info on Jobs, School, & Homes***

  1. Were are thinking about moving next year. I would like some info on employment and income for a New Grad RN, in hospital staff positions, but also LTC, LTAC, Home Care, and Dialysis. Also I have very young children, one school aged so some info about good public and private schools, and daycares would be welcome. And lastly some info about areas or suburbs to live with housing cost. We don't need to live in Raleigh, but the surrounding areas (places like Rolesville, ect) would be appropriate also.

    Thank in advance.
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  3. by   Turd Ferguson
    If you've got $$$$$ look at Cary, Apex, Briar Creek, and inner-beltline Raleigh
  4. by   bonesrn
    Raleigh is a great place to live..outside you have Garner, Apex, Wake Forest, Cary.

    CARY-it has a reputation of being it's own little world. Containment Area for Relocated Yankees. It can be a traffic mess on the beltline if you live in Cary and work in Raleigh. WakeMed has a Cary campus.

    Wake Forest-also a traffic nightmare driving into and out of Raleigh on Capital Blvd.

    REX in North Raleigh is the best hospital in the area (IMHO). UNC in Chapel Hill is nice as well. Chapel Hill is a college town but it is nice. Duke is in Durham. Durham has some very nice places, but also a lot of sketchy areas.

    I used to live in Brier Creek..if you like living in the middle of a shopping center, then you would love it. Traffic is horrible. Brier Creek Country Club development is nice, but again, it is right in the middle of shopping center. Close to Durham line. Some very nice areas in North Raleigh, and with 540 it isn't as hard as it used to be to commute. Knightdale is a nice alternative.

    I live in downtown Raleigh and love it! Five Points, Oakwood, Mordecai are all great historic areas. Schools are good. PM for specific info.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   Concrete Girl,RN
    I am also looking to relocate to this area..would love any info you can give as to if any of these hospitals are hiring new grads..I looked a lot online but not getting much good info and no response from emailing HR for info.
    Any advice from an inside source would be wonderful!!
  6. by   LJ85
    Hey, I am from NJ, also thinking about relocating. Scary thought leaving NJ tho, lived here all my life. My parents live down near Winston, looking to live close enough but not in that particular area. I am an LPN working in pedi right now in home care. Looking for the same or a hospital job. Im in my 20's so Id like to live in a somewhat metro area. What is the salary base there for LPNs?
  7. by   MaverickyMaverick
    Raleigh is a great place to live, inside the beltline (ITB), downtown area is the neatest in my opinion, Rex and Wake Med, and Duke Raleigh are the big hospitals on that side of town. Durham and Chapel Hill are also great places to live, and the hospitals are UNC and Duke. If you are interested in apartment life in the Raleigh area I would say an average price for a two bedroom goes from 700-900/month. Homes rent for 800-1200 for a rental for a two or three bedroom house, depending on the area. New grad jobs can be hard to come by if you are only emailing and doing your searching online, folks should never underestimate the old fashioned way of finding a job. Get on the phone and ask to speak with a nurse recruiter. If you can get past whoever is answering the phone you might be on to something. I don't know anything about schools but I have heard that Orange County (Hillsborough, Chapel Hill) have great schools, but if you buy a house, taxes in O.C. are real high, so I've heard. Good luck and you can't go wrong in this area, it's the best and there are a lot of places to work