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  1. Bad resumes/good resumes *rant*

    I love your post. Can you look at my resume if I PM you? I would love your feedback. Hook me up. :)
  2. Passing CCRN - My Preparation

    which version of pass ccrn did you use?
  3. Passing CCRN - My Preparation

    thank you so much for this advice. its good to see this combo is still working for everyone, i'm about to do the same thing. congratulations CCRN!
  4. Durham Regional Hospital should be ashamed!

    that was quick! congrats.
  5. Starting CNA pay at UNC

    12/hour not countibg shift diff
  6. Raleigh is a great place to live, inside the beltline (ITB), downtown area is the neatest in my opinion, Rex and Wake Med, and Duke Raleigh are the big hospitals on that side of town. Durham and Chapel Hill are also great places to live, and the hosp...
  7. UNC New Grad Program

    my advice....what i did, which is kinda bold, but when i knew all my friends were getting interviews i called up there and asked when my interviews were. with new grads everyone basically looks the same on paper, if you call them you might stand out ...
  8. December 2011 Grad

    there is only a small window at unc to apply for new grads. call them. *****, a guy named **** will know
  9. UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    unc is a great school. my gpa was 4.0. i know folks with 3.0 that got in too. they look at the whole package. true that at the big hospitals there are not a lot of jobs in NC at least at duke, wake med, and unc...or should i say it is harder to take ...
  10. Just for fun - Your favorite vacation spot in NC!

    Emerald Isle is my favorite beach.... Mortimer is my favorite campground in the mountains...if you can find it near Edgemont, NC.
  11. So excited about Neuro!

    Just wanted to give a shout out and let y'all know how excited I am to be a new grad and a future neuro nurse. I have taken a lot of advice from this forum, including utilizing the online neuro resources. I would just like to say I know that neuro is...
  12. Funny ER video!

    i just posted this to my ED nurse friend's FB.
  13. UNC School of Nursing vs. Watts School of Nursing

    i'm at unc. my husband is applying to watts. it takes longer to meet pre-reqs for unc but sounds like you met them already. program is intense. watts is very supportive, smaller school, about the same cost as UNC from what i've heard. you end up with...
  14. Pay Scale

    NC is $19-$20
  15. How to deal with slack students

    Just thought I'd take a break from studying to laugh a little. I have many associates like you are describing. Unbelievable. I think that some will be good nurses and some won't. Some of the jump in folks are going to be bad nurses too, though...they...