Help me choose a city by the water?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a in my early twenties and looking to move to NC. I live in MA and I am looking to stay as close to MA but move to a warmer area. I am looking to live near the coastal waters/beaches in a nice, safe area. Any ideas?

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  3. by   beautifulb
    Hi! I am from MA also! One of my most favorite places while I was a Travel Nurse was in Wilmington, NC. Beautiful, beautiful place.
  4. by   rn-johni
    Anywhere in Eastern NC is Beautiful! Check out Morehead City, Carteret General Hospital, awesome little town but close to everything. Also, Jacksonville is right here on the water; military town (ie: lots of dates for young nurse) but Onslow Memorial Hospital's Administration leaves MUCH to be desired. Wilmington is very nice, but traffic is horrible. Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any more specific info.
  5. by   4rmgirlRN
    Oh Stop St. Louis MO is Horrible TRAFFIC!
    Wilmington NC is the next thing to Heaven, I was a traveling Nurse for 2 years and traveled and Wilmington NC is the nest LITTLE Hollywood. I am DON of a LTC and I love it here I drive across the river from Wilmington and you are in the country and close to the BEACH too!
    I love this area!
  6. by   VickyRN
    Washington and Edenton are both located on rivers and are excellent towns.
  7. by   WoWChick
    The water tastes good in Asheville, NC!
  8. by   TNUp2Jen
    Quote from WoWChick
    The water tastes good in Asheville, NC!


    I was born and raised in MA...spent some time in Florida and Tennessee, and now here I am in central NC.

    The best thing about NC is that no matter where you live, you are a short drive from the mountains or the beach. Ski or surf. Whatever your little heart desires.

    I live just north of Raleigh. I can get to the beach in Wilmington in around 2 hours...the beautiful Outer Banks in about 4 hours...the pretty mountains near Asheville in 3 1/2...or skiing in Virginia in 2 hours.

    The temperature here is wonderful - a nice warm summer, a cool winter (with juuuust enough snow). My only complaint is that I wish fall and spring lasted just a little longer.

    Hope you like it here.
  9. by   DCCCRNn2005
    I'm a traveler from the piedmont of NC, but I just finished up an assignment in New Bern, NC at Craven Regional Hospital. It's a beautiful area, and the people there are awesome. The town sits right on the river, and the beach is only 30 minutes away. You should check them out. Just make sure to ask lots of questions, some of the mangagers are different. Have you considered maybe travel nursing in the area for a while and get the feel of the different parts before you move to one specific hospital? Just a thought, good luck!!!