Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

  1. Hi all!

    I'm applying to Duke for the Spring 2016 ABSN cohort as well as other universities. I have done a lot of research on Duke and acceptance, but I was wondering if I could ask an opinion of any of the current Duke ABSN students or Duke alumni.

    My question is, I know that letters of recommendation are weighted heavily, but how much extra weight does it hold if I have a letter of recommendation from a Duke faculty member? I'd rather not disclose who exactly, but it's a faculty member of Duke's school of medicine. Obviously, it won't hurt to have this letter, but I was wondering if Duke will see this as just another good letter of rec, or if they will see this as more since it's from "one of their own"?

    Thanks for any feedback, it is all appreciated!
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  3. by   cje1015
    I applied for the fall 2015 term, i hope i get in, if not i will be applying for spring 2016 cohort.
  4. by   Sunshinexoxo1991
    Are you applying anywhere other than Duke?
  5. by   cje1015
    Yea i also applied to UNc and durham tech just incase. I really want to go to DUKE but i doubt i can cover the tuition if i get in. I am really hoping for UNC. I applied to durham tech just incase i get rejected by both.
  6. by   cje1015
    What about you? any other schools?
  7. by   vandydani
    I don't think anyone can comment on the weight of recommendation letters inside or outside of the duke system. If it is a good recommendation letter and the person knows you well and knows your goals, I would say it is a good recommendation to get. If it will be vague or if it's just for having the person's name, it probably won't count as much in Duke's eyes. Hope this helps! I can't speak to it as much because all of my letters were from other places, as were most everyone else's. (From a current ABSN student)
  8. by   beckerz002
    Hi guys! I am on the wait list for Fall 2015 cohort. I want to go ahead and apply for Spring 2016. Anybody is also reapplying for Spring 2016? What is the easiest way to transfer information from the old application to the new one?
  9. by   tinadonnie
    You need to submit the online application again and send an email to Nora requesting that you will use the old transcripts and recommendations.
  10. by   andreaef10
    Oh, so you can use recommendations from a previously submitted application on another application? I recently submitted my app for the June 1/Spring 2016 cohort, and was assuming if I don't get in I'd need all new recommendations for the next appcycle. That's great if you can transfer them though, some of my references have written 3, even 4 references for me at this point so I hate asking for more!
  11. by   tinadonnie
    Yes, you can use recommendations from a previously submitted application on another application. You just need to send an email to Nora requesting that part.
  12. by   Ijfo
    Hello, I'm applying to Duke for fall 2016. Im also applying to several other schools. I've heard that Duke places a big emphasis on letters, does anyone know what else they really really look at?
  13. by   Katiemate24
    I would say the essays-- they don't do interviews any more so that's the best chance you have to tell them a bit more about yourself and your character!
  14. by   CNAtoNursie
    I'm new to allnurses but I wanted to comment on how nervous I am and how much I can't wait to find out if I was accepted or not (mid- July feels so far right now, ha) What about anyone else? Is anyone else applying to other programs besides Duke?