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  1. Ijfo

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    EFC: 1500 GPA: 3.3 As u can see my scores aren't perfect. There's hope. I focused on my essays and spent several months on them.
  2. molldoll47 Sorry for the late response! I called in a while ago to ask about whether or not we'd receive any official package with information for the program and they said that once they've accepted everyone they'd send an official package out. I called the financial aid office and they told me FAFSA was due March 1st... but I don't see how that'd be possible considering people are currently still being interviewed.. So I'm hoping things become more clear by the time we have our cohort complete. I was also emailed about a pre req and in that same email they told me that our cohort would meet sometime in June.
  3. Ijfo

    Applying for Duke ABSN fall 2016

    Actually I spoke with Nora a few days ago, it comes out September!
  4. Ijfo

    Applying for Duke ABSN fall 2016

    There was a webinar a while back and from what I can remember I think the average GPA from the last cohort was like 3.6 and from the one before 3.59-3.78. These are the two sets I have written down on my notepad. I was also rushing to write things down so those may belong to a different cohort or something. As for acceptance, I know the cohorts are around 70-75 so they must accept a little more. I have heard that with the interview gone they really focus on your personal essay, letters, and of course grades from pre-reqs. I majored in Psychology with a good GPA, not outstanding but not bad. I graduated a year ago and have been working job and going back to school to complete most of the pre-reqs. Now I'm just waiting for the application to open! The admissions counselor said they would open the one for fall 2016 mid august so I'm kind of waiting until then!
  5. Hi, i'm applying to drexel for fall 2016 and am wondering if anyone sent in letter of rec even though the didnt require them? Does anyone have an idea of how many students they accept?
  6. Ijfo

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    Hello, I'm applying to Duke for fall 2016. Im also applying to several other schools. I've heard that Duke places a big emphasis on letters, does anyone know what else they really really look at?
  7. Hello, I am applying to Duke's ABSN program for the fall of 2016 and am wanting to chat with anyone else who is in the same boat! I'm wondering how hard it will be to get in based on GPA, prereqs etc. Are there any current Duke students who would be wiling to share what their profile looked like before they got in? If they were wait-listed and got in? Any information would help!

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