anyone doing Excelsior?

  1. hi,

    ~~im in nc~~

    ~near the ocean~
    im wondering if theres anyone else out there trying to complete thier
    adn-rn via the excelsior college? (regents) program?

    and if anyone out there can offer any advice on "getting thru it",:spin:
    also, doing the 3 day clinical (cpne)!! is it really as horrible as everyone says?

    if you are doing the regents or you have graduated with excelsior college, please i would greatly appreciate any experiences you can share with me!!

    or if you want a ~ study buddy~ an extra support buddy to get through this together, please contract me!!

    i had 2 semesters left, 2nd year adn student, & had to drop out for unexpected personel reason's. none of my nursing course's will transfer any where. i was told, quote, " no two nursing cirriculums are exactly the same so no can do". im going this route with excelsior or at least trying to!!

    thanks for reading this!!

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  3. by   vonxojn
    My name is Yvonne. I'm from Raleigh, NC.
    I've literally just started Nursing Concept I with Excelsior College. I wasn't able to go back to school so this is my last resort. I have heard of Cliff Notes for each of the exams and currently I'm trying to track this info down. If you do decide to do the Excelsior Nursing, let me know and we can exchange info.
    Good Luck!!!!!
  4. by   powernurse
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  5. by   romiia
    Quote from vonxojn
    my name is yvonne. i'm from raleigh, nc.
    i've literally just started nursing concept i with excelsior college. i wasn't able to go back to school so this is my last resort. i have heard of cliff notes for each of the exams and currently i'm trying to track this info down. if you do decide to do the excelsior nursing, let me know and we can exchange info.
    good luck!!!!!
    hi yvonne,

    i am on nc 1 and will register with excelsior after i test for nc1, i hope to be ready by the end of january, this year!!

    i will give you my email address if you can send me a priv.mesg. from this site!
    let me know where your at with your studies, maybe we can connect & compare, exchange notes, etc.,

    that would be great!

  6. by   njbikernurse
    I've been enrolled with Excelsior for about 1 1/2 years. I've taken Micro, Lifespan Psych, NC1 and NC3. The key for me is to read, read, read and then do the study guides to really zone in on the concepts. It's harder than a traditional program, there's a lot more temptation to slack off since nobody's watching you at home!!! I like it though. It works with my schedule and the books are very good. There's also a message board where you can interact with other students, which is very helpful. I would recommend it.
  7. by   rigmedic
    Male Excelsior student here. Finished the prereqs, starting NC1 and NC2.
  8. by   caliotter3
    Best advice I can offer: Do Not Procrastinate! Many reasons for this. Do a search on this website for threads w/pertinent info. Go to Yahoo Groups, in files sections of grps you can find tips. Get real familiar w/Excelsior website. Download the Nrsg School catalog and study guide for NC 1 from there and go for it!
  9. by   rigmedic
    Go to Ebay and you can buy the College Network notebooks for all Excelsior courses. I highly recommend doing the online practice exams on the Excelsior website. I usually do one a week or two before the actual exam, to show me what I need to brush up on, and the other the night before the real exam. All A's so far..........
  10. by   NRS68
    Just wondering if anyone has had any problems w/ being able to practice/take NCLEX in NC after graduating from EC? I will be moving there shortly and want to enroll before the changes take effect in October... I haven't heard back from the BON yet. Thanks!
  11. by   NRS68
    I did hear back from the NC BON- they say they recognize Excelsior.. :smilecoffeecup:
  12. by   erkantarik
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  13. by   matt622h
    Did you start the excelsior yet? I've done NC1 and NC2... taking NC3 now... any tips?
  14. by   erkantarik

    This group has everything about nursing concepts.