Non-traditional Nursing Hopefuls


How many of us are out there?

I am 34, married with a 10 month old. I already have a bachelor degree and a master of public health. Hoping to be accepted into a nursing program this fall. Waiting for letters is soooo hard!


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32 years old with two small kids here :) working on my prereqs right now


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Older than dirt (50) in 2nd semester of NS. Our numbers are many. ;)

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30 year old male married with no children. Currently in last semester of prerequisites for my ADN. This is my second attempt at college with my first being right out of high school and lasted two and a half years.

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I'm 26. Married with 2 daughters, 1 and 6. Start the nursing program at my school this Fall


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Hi 3-girls and BS in Psychology and a MA in Human Services, waiting to start my pre-reqs

You can dooooooo it!!!!! 41yr. 2 kids. and 8 weeks till graduation! :)

36, Married 12 years with a 9 year old and a 2 year old. Accepted last week to my school of choice after 3 semesters of crazy-paced pre-nursing classes. Already turned in resignation papers for the fall. Here we go!


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I'm 30 and married, no kids. :-) I'm in my second semester of nursing school, so you're not alone!


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Hi! I'm 37, married with 4 children (ages 15, 10, 7, and 5). I finished my pre-reqs last semester and will be applying to the RN program in 2 weeks :)!!! We have a pretty long waiting list at my college, so I might not be starting for a year. I'm taking a CNA class right now.

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I'm a 37 year old single mother of a 16 year old. I am currently working as a Certified Medical Assistant with hope of getting accepted into a program that starts Spring of 2015.

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Nursing is my 2nd career. I became a nurse at age 30. I'm now 32, but I don't look a day over 22 according to my patients. Good luck in your journey.