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Okay, first I want to appologize that this is a totally non-nursing related question! I'm traveling to the UK, Scotland, and Ireland next month and we'll be renting a car. This may be a stupid question, but do the cars there have 12V cigarette lighters in the cars? I'm taking Enbrel and need to keep it cool and am thinking that the easiest way may be a small cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter but I wanted to make sure it would work.



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Not a stupid question. Yes the cars do have cigarette lighters, not sure on voltage as a car is just something to move me from A to B and I don't smoke but I do think they are 12v

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Although most of the cars are clockwork, they do have 12v cigarette lighters.


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I can assure you Scotland in May will be cool :lol2:

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some basic models do not have cigarette lighters! Others like my car have cigarette lighters, 2 x12v points for kids to plug in consoles and a AC glove box!! I would say to email the car rental company before you leave, failing that buy a cool bag & blocks

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