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Specializes in Med/Surg, Rehab, Case management. Has 5 years experience.

This is an attitude I really hate. The way I learned is best, new nurses have nothing to offer, I'm right, you're wrong.


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hey, LithEruiel , there always some openings, but there would be someone knows someone can make the recommendation,

and then someone gets the job, i assume that should understand what i mean, so don't worry, continue your hunting, there would be someone help, and also you can post your information on linkedin, facebook....... or you may search on internet, and send your CV.

good luck!


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LithEruiel - to me it sounds like you are tired of the heavy, unsafe patient load. Do you ever think about switching to another specialty where patient load is lighter and safer? You seem like a hardworking person who is worried about patient safety. There are many, many fields in nursing and with a little more med-surg experience which is a great foundation, I'm sure you can find a path that is right for you.


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If you're willing to take your academic endeavors a bit further, perhaps getting certification or another degree in a health care related field would be just right for you. Health care administration is growing as well as the Health Information Management & Systems sector (e.g. transcriptionist, coders, etc.). Having the clinical knowledge and bit of background is definitely wanted if decide to go towards health care administration :)