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  1. CCMC Exam - no result!

    Hi tchisholm71, I don't think so because you either have to have a 4 year degree or a license that allows independent practice. You can look at the info here: Certification & Renewal | CCMC I'm sure with all your experience you won't have any t...
  2. CCMC Exam - no result!

    Yes, thank you! Btw, no one has responded to my complaint I submitted on the website. Surprise, surprise. Thanks to most of you for your replies and good luck!
  3. CCMC Exam - no result!

    People like you are exactly why I hate posting on this site. You can answer a question without being condescending, believe it or not. Where on the website does it say that? I looked about 10 times. I do think that website is hard to find informat...
  4. Do women find male nurses attractive?

    I never cared what job a man had if I was attracted to him unless it was something I was ethically against for some reason (for example, one guy I was casually dating started working for a political candidate I had a lot of problems with - that actua...
  5. Do you get paid to stay late and chart?

    I always did. I worked 3 12s and we didn't get overtime until we were over 40 hours a week. So I did get paid for the time, but not overtime as I USUALLY didn't hit 40 hours a week... Now I'm salary so I don't get anything for working extra!
  6. CCMC Exam - no result!

    Hi Sheena, I just took the test yesterday and CCMC is only open Monday through Friday. I did send them a complaint though, but who knows when or if I'll hear anything back. I wasn't given any information on the exam when I applied to take it or ...
  7. CCMC Exam - no result!

    Hello, I just took the CCMC exam today for CM certification. On the website it says you'll get your preliminary result immediately, but I didn't. The notification I got was "In alignment with certification best practices, CCMC is conducting a pass...
  8. Do you think your work place should support healthy eating?

    I can't figure out how diet pop became "healthy." The hospital where I used to work had a huge menu for patients. Where I work now they have two or three entree choices a meal and some of our patients are there for two months so it's the same thing ...
  9. Half Question/Half Pet Peeve

    Yes, I do have the right to be angry at women who think that men are better leaders than women just because they're men.
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. I think this is the worst disability denial I've ever heard and I've heard some doozies. Yet the frequent fliers I used to get on Med/Surg who would stop taking their meds to have a hospital vacation were on it... I've ...
  11. A selfish nurse

    Yes. I worked with someone who was the valedictorian of her class and she was not a good nurse to say the least. One of the salutatorians from my class was dumb as a brick - I can't imagine what she's like as a nurse.
  12. Half Question/Half Pet Peeve

    It just seemed to me that the women didn't think the other women were fit to be leaders. Some of them had great ideas for fundraisers and the guy that got elected did pretty much nothing. We only had 35ish in our class so everyone knew everyone.
  13. Half Question/Half Pet Peeve

    The male nursing students in my class were definitely given special treatment and attention while in school, but I haven't seen anything on the job, though I have no doubt it happens. It made me so mad that every class would elect a male class presi...
  14. Do you think your work place should support healthy eating?

    I think there should be healthy options, but I wouldn't support ONLY healthy foods. Sometimes I need a Pepsi or a candy bar on a bad day...patients need a treat sometimes too...especially in rehab where I work - they're working it off! Also, all so...
  15. Do you have to do bedside nursing

    I knew what you meant. In fact, you got a few mean responses just for posting this, right? (So did I when I asked about leaving bedside nursing.) I've had lots of jobs and never had so many mean coworkers until I started nursing. There's some no ...

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