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No Work History Update


Specializes in Acute Care of the Elderly.

Well my interviews all went really well! Today the recruiter called I was offered a job on 3 different floors at the hospital. I am going to be working on a med/surg floor specializing in Acute Care of the Elderly.:D So for all of the stay at home Moms who don't have a work history fear Not! We ill all get jobs!


Specializes in Telemetry & Obs.

You HAVE work experience!!

Time management, conflict resolution, first aid, organizational skills, financial management...just a few of the skills of a homemaker and mother :D


Specializes in MSP, Informatics. Has 17 years experience.

Congrats! and good luck on the new job!

Congratulations! :yelclap:

DebanamRN, MSN, RN

Specializes in Hospice, ER. Has 10 years experience.

Being a stay at home mom is job experience! Being a mom made me a better nurse. Good luck!:heartbeat


Specializes in PCU (Cardiac).

Way to go!! Best of luck.

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