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I've never worked anywhere that didn't offer a shift differential. Before moving to a different city 6 yrs ago I was always paid a weekend differential as well. Since I relocated I have yet to find a place that place a weekend diff. everyone usually looks at me like I'm speaking a foreign language when I mention it. My current employer offers a shift differential, double time for holidays worked, PTO for holidays off, call in pay, and recently they added an additional "noc shift" call in pay. I work in a SNF/LTC facility.



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Sounds like place(S) I used to work. On 3-11, You wear all hats and still expected to get out of work on time.


Anne36, LPN

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The Long Term Care that I work for does not pay shift differential ( I work Midnights), but they do pay holiday pay. This is my third year and I am still not getting a week of vacation time yet. First year, no vacation, second year was 3.5 days. I would take vacation time upaid and have had a few of those days but last time I got someone to cover my shift for me so I could take a day off, they wouldnt allow it. I have had almost no vacation in the last 3 years and Im very burned out.



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Dear Anne36

That is very unusual not to have vacation after 1 year. They are really screwing you over. I would check with the labor board and see what they have to say. Document all this so you can take that with a lawyer who specializing in employment laws. Do you work fulltime or partime?

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I'm surprised so many have never gotten shift differentials in LTC. I've never worked anywhere that didn't offer at least a modest differential for working third shift. Ditto for time and a half on official holidays.

Weekend diff., that I haven't seen in a while, likely a victim of the economy.



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It just depends on the facility/company. I have been a nurse in LTC since 2005 and most of the facilities I have worked in offer a shift differential. (usually $1/hr). Where I work right now does not. However, they have great benefits and really great pay without a differential, so the other benefits outweigh.