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Hello everyone, I am new to this website.

I've found some information about the nnas process but all the information is quite old and also I couldn't find anything about a successfull NNAS application.

I just finished sending all the documents to NNAS so I have a few questions for you, hopefully someone can help me..

1) How long does it take nnas to issue an advisory report after submitting all the necessary documents?

2)What happens if I am "not comparable"/ "somewhat comparable" or "comparable"?

3)Have any of you went through a "competency assessment"? If so, could you tell me more about it?

4) Have any of you taken the NCLEX? How did you prepare for it and overall how difficult is it?

5) Have any of you applied to a nursing college even after being deemed "not comparable" or "somewhat comparable"? Is that possible?

Please tell me what NNAS has written on your report and what you did as a consequence!

Have a great day and thanks in advance to whoever will answer!:cat:

(Ps: I've got my nursing degree in Italy.)

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We have a NCLEX forum under the student section that offers plenty of information regarding the NCLEX

The reason there isn't any information on successful NNAS applications is that there are barely any. And there have only been a few in the last year or so. NNAS is a scam. People who obtained their 4 year degrees in the USA at universities that were previously accepted in Canada were being found non-comparable and having to be put through the same exams and crap that people with 2 year nursing diplomas from countries that are VERY different from Canada in every way. NNAS consists of American non-nurses (hence why you sent your documents to Philadelphia) evaluating how well your education compares to a nursing education. They make everyone pay the money and go through it even though they know what the outcome will be. It's an insane violation but there is no accountability and no oversight to make it stop.

How many years was your nursing school in Italy?

I just completed my application a few weeks ago, so I am waiting. I know they say that there are not many success stories about the NNAS, but I have to wonder, do people actually post/comment with success stories? Think of Yelp etc, the overwhelming reviews are bad experiences, because rarely do people think to comment when the outcome is good. I am Canadian born and raised, but educated here in the states as I have lived here for the last 15 years. Here in the states we take the NCLEX so I have that going for me, as I likely wouldn't have to take it again, since its essentially the same test. Im hoping to avoid any IEN classes, and be accepted to practice in BC. Ill let you know what happens as I find out since I know all the stories on here are outdated... good luck!

I too am Canadian born and received BSN in the US. What school did you attend for nursing in the US?

I got my ADN with Kaplan college, and my BSN with Westcoast University. What about you?

Are you looking to move home and transfer your license as well? I initially thought it would be a very simple process, pay NNAS, and that was it, but now it looks like Ill either need to take additional international educated nursing classes, or test out. Last resort is applying for my LVN, which I have heard a foreign RN can do, but haven't looked into it.

I went to school in Michigan. I now have a license in Ontario and getting it was pure hell.

What is LVN?

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What is LVN?

I think they are confused and mean LPN as Canada does not have LVN

ya LVN is the equivalent to LPN in Canada. Licensed vocational nurse vs licensed practical nurse.

Can you tell me more about what you went through? I just finished applying and I am super worried Im gonna encounter bumps. How long did it take you after you submitted all the paperwork? Did you have to do any IEN classes?

I went to school in Michigan. I now have a license in Ontario and getting it was pure hell.

What is LVN?

What did you go through? Did they make you take additional classes? How long after you applied to NNAS did you hear back? And how long after that were you able to get your Ontario license?

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Soo did any US educated nurses end of having the requirements to practice in Canada through NNAS?

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